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affiliate marketing road to success


Are you frustrated and fed up with trying to find a real legitimate opportunity online that really works?

If your answer is YES you are in the right place at the right time. If you are among the 97% of people that I have tried to succeed online and continually are hitting brick walls and the so many pieces of the puzzle are missing don’t worry YOU  are NOT alone Affiliate Marketing Road To Success


The most frustrating part I have found when trying to create an income online is the number of product scams out there that is why I like to try something FREE before I buy. All the products I recommend on this site are FREE for life or FREE to get started.

I have made a short video explaining what is on offer as a FREE member of the Wealthy Affiliate University click on the video below to find out more


However, if you are serious about creating a substantial income online there are far more benefits as a premium member, please watch the video below to take a sneak peek inside the member’s area



I started this blog to share my experience of my online marketing over the past 15 years online. I hope you find my content inspiring and it motivates you to start your blog. Blogging is great fun although it is all about creating an income online it is also a great way to express ourselves and have a voice.

My Goal is to Walk You Through Show YOU Legitimate Honest Ways of Creating an Income Online.


Help and Support

There are only 3 pieces to this puzzle you need to complete that we all need to succeed online and the number one is without a doubt help and support

I know from my personal experience that when I come across a problem and cannot get help the frustration can be overwhelming. That is why I am and the Wealthy Affiliate community are here to help you 24/7. We have live chat and can boast the most helpful community online for the past 13 years and counting.

No Website No Success

If you are trying to create an income online without a Website then you are like a car without an engine or wheels going nowhere for sure. If this is part is one of the reasons holding you back then we have got YOU covered take this one off your list. We can have your website up and running in just a few minutes from NOW honestly.

Don’t believe me? Watch the Video below


Be Prepared To Learn New Skills

The third piece of the puzzle is the mindset be prepared to learn new skills every day. Think back when you had your first driving lesson practice makes perfect. The most successful people in life are people that are prepared to make an effort be consistent to keep a positive frame of mind.

The Formula

Here is what you get access to when you create a FREE account. You get personal help from me my username is Alanbenney. You will get help from the community of thousands of members. Live chat as mentioned above plus the ongoing discussions.

You get 2 completely FREE websites fully functional for life ready to create an income from no pressure to upgrade ever. Ongoing video training in abundance there is an upgrade option that will open the doors to even more video classes if you so choose (but optional) check out the starter and premium options in the image below.

affiliate marketing road to success



The Conclusion

If you still have doubts I would like to reassure you that The Wealthy Affiliate training platform can boast 13 years of progress and 13 years of advancement. It has helped and motivated 1.5 million up and coming entrepreneurs and counting. Would you like to join the most helpful community online?

Wealthy Affiliate

To your success from the desk of

Alan Benney

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a Global opportunity? Yes

  • Do I need Technical Skills to create a Website? No, absolutely Not

  • Do I need Special Writing Skills? No, you don’t need to be a professor if you can write an email you will be fine.

  • Do I need a computer and access to the internet? Yes that is essential

If you have questions or concerns please visit this page scroll to the bottom of the page to insert your questions

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