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Affiliate Marketing Questions

Welcome to my post about affiliate marketing questions. The reason I have created this post is to answer questions that you may have with regard to the getting started in the affiliate marketing industry as there is so much to learn.


If you are new to the industry, just starting out please allow me to give you a short explanation of the formation of affiliate marketing and the benefits and how it can work for you. Affiliate marketing is unique in the fact we don’t have to create a product we get paid commissions for marketing and selling other people’s products. We don’t have to deal with customer service, delivery, returns, complaints or anything of that nature


However, we do have to learn the skills of marketing and selling the products and that is where the skill set kicks in. Most people that indulge in affiliate marketing are not fully aware of the skills sets required in order to succeed.


Sadly a shocking 97% of the people that do jump in and try it fail why? They are led to believe it is easy and that is the Big Fat Lie and clearly NOT the case. In order to succeed in this industry, people need to get access to cutting edge up to date training just like any profession. Having said all that if you are doing what you want to do in life and getting the results it ceases to become hard work it is fun and that is what it has done for me personally.

Affiliate Marketing Questions Continued

Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme

Let’s be clear about this affiliate marketing is not related to a pyramid selling in any way why? Pyramid schemes are illegal and not approved by the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission). Most people that are new to the industry get confused in this regard.

Should I Quit Network Marketing and Do Something Else?

Affiliate Marketing Questions

I have been involved in network marketing for many years and love every minute of it why? There are so many benefits I love to wake up in the morning to discover that I have been making money while I sleep. It’s great to have the freedom to work when I like and take holidays at a drop of a hat and much more.

However, there have been times over the years where I felt like quitting but it was only a passing thought because I know that quitting is NOT the answer. The reason that you are probably feeling frustrated is lack of success and this is very common in this industry as sadly there is a 97% failure rate.

When people start out in network marketing/ affiliate marketing they are usually full of enthusiasm. However when they realise it is not as easy as they were led to believe they quit. This can happen for numerous reasons but the most common is lack of education. In order to join the 3% that enjoy huge success take a step back and try to access your situation.

Finding the right opportunity is a challenge in itself and this is the most common reason people get frustrated in this industry, Unfortunately, there are so many that claim to be experts but often are NOT.


How Effective is YouTube Marketing Compared to Facebook Marketing?

That’s an interesting question. It really depends on whether you are referring to paid advertising or creating FREE traffic Let’s cover Facebook free traffic first. It is important to understand that when people are on Facebook it is a social network and they are NOT there looking for products.

Although we see a lot of sponsored ads that is the paid advertising part of FB. The other option is to post in groups relative to your niche. However, I have to say that most of these groups are full of scammers and spammers that don’t take the industry seriously. They will high jack your posts these people are like cockroaches it is difficult to shake them off

Whereas paid advertising on FB is very effective once you learn the skills and believe me there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. So proceed with caution FB are quite happy to drain your advertising budget.

Now let’s talk about Youtube marketing, in my opinion, this is a much better option. If you know what you are doing and happy to create help videos for your subscribers you can rank a video on Youtube in minutes.

With regard to paid advertising on Youtube, this is a far better option easy to set up and a fraction of the cost I could add much more but I hope that has covered the basics.

Why Do People Keep Joining Multiple Facebook Groups, “How To Make Money Online”?

The main reason that people join multiple make money online Facebooks groups is to post their income opportunity. However, people that do this are pretty desperate marketers hoping to get leads but unfortunately, they are fishing in the pond using the wrong strategies.

These people in these groups are 95% freebie seekers and are completely broke. Don’t get me wrong there is no shame in being broke. If you wanted to fish for sharks would you fish for them in the local pond or river? No of course not that is an example of the expected results you will probably experience by spamming the Facebook group.


How Does Blogging Help Build MLM and Network Marketing Businesses?

Blogging can really help to build your brand as a person to trust. However, it can help build your MLM business but I would not focus just on that MLM alone why? If that company disappears into cyberspace which they often do you are in a ship with no paddles in other words screwed.

However when you create a Blog people are following you especially if you focus on helping people to get what they want. It’s a simple equation to help enough people to get what they want and you will get what you want in the long term.

Having said all that I believe that most MLM business models suck why? They don’t teach people how to go to the cold market place when they find themselves in the no friends left the club as 97% of them do.

If you really want to succeed in any business online you need to master how to create traffic leads and sales that convert

Check it our here


How Can I Earn Money Fast With Affiliate Marketing?

No, if you are looking to earn money quickly you are barking up the wrong tree This is a highly skilled profession contrary to what people may tell you. If you are looking to earn money quickly go get a job in Mcdonalds. Having said that if you are prepared to invest in online education and learn the skills required to succeed the doors of opportunity are wide open.

Affiliate Marketing Questions

How Can You Make Money Online Without Any Qualifications?

The simple answer to this question is a big fat NO. However, the main benefits to making money online are you don’t have to go to University and get up to your eyeballs in debt to get qualified as in many professions such as a Doctor or a lawyer often do

There are plenty of online courses available but unfortunately choosing the right one is where it can get a little tricky. There are people that recommend Youtube as an option what I have found is most of them promise the world and deliver nothing full of misinformation but not all.

It’s important to understand that getting qualified is not really relative in the making money online industry as in other professions as mentioned above. 

There so many options to choose from for example. Affiliate marketing, MLM, Social media advertising, Facebook Paid Advertising, Youtube paid advertising platform, Bing PPC, blogging, copywriting, video production to mention a few.

These are the skills you need to master in order to make money online which you will have to invest in online education for more information check my recommendation


How Do The Top Marketers Earn 7 Figure Incomes?

In almost every case top marketers have taken years to create a 7 figure incomes and they are very few and far between despite what people are led to believe. Unfortunately, it is a common trait to boast they earn a 7 figure income in the recent survey 97% don’t make a dime let alone a 7 figure income.

However, the marketers that do are not the freebie seekers but professional people that are confident and prepared to invest a dollar to get an ROI of two. It all about learning the skills of how to create targeted traffic a business without traffic is like have a car without an engine


People make online marketing so complicated when it is a simple equation of investing in paid traffic to build an email list. However, it is was as simple as that we would all be making a 7 figure income right? The thing is once you have acquired the skills of how to invest a dollar and make two the doors are wide open.

Would you like to learn the skills? Then watch this video


 Does Email Marketing For Affiliate Promotion Still Work?

 It sure does but the problem being it can take time and money to build a responsive list. Email marketing for affiliate marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon as long as you provide value to your subscribers,

Managing your email list is an art. Once you have built your list when you send out messages from your Auto-Responder don’t sell in every message you send out. The results speak for themselves poor open rates can lose your subscribers that you have taken years to build up. There is a lot more to email marketing than meets the eye. Getresponse is an awesome place to get started they offer a 30-day FREE trial Here

If I am on a Small Budget and Just Starting, How Could You Advise Me to Manage my Online Advertising?

 Managing online advertising on a small budget is where most people start. There is nothing wrong with that. However, its all about testing tweaking until you can see a successful campaign producing a good ROI.

Once you achieve that it’s pretty easy to scale it up but do it in gradual steps. The most common mistake that a lot of people make is when they scale it up they go crazy double or even triple their advertising spend. It’s really important to constantly check your click-through rates and conversion rates. Then move on to the next stage and that is retargeting which most people don’t have a clue to how beneficial this can be to boost conversions.


Hope that helps if this sounds too complicated you really need to access some cutting edge training in this area check there are 2 places that I highly recommend step one this is done for you system where you can earn while you learn

The other option is to click here

This is the Blogging platform I use to host all my websites and get all the training in SEO. Niche Marketing and much more.


In what way can someone legitimately earn at least $20 weekly online?

Well, a lot depends on your skill sets and in what industry do you want to get involved in as there as countless options. Affiliate marketing, MLM, customer service, online surveys, blogging, CPA, ect..

I really don’t see a problem to why you cannot achieve that. Having said that why have you set your sights on $20 a week when there are so many options to make serious money online? There is a good old saying If you shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land in the stars


What are the best platforms to start making money online?

The problem with your question is there are no best platforms to start making money online this is a personal choice depending on your skillset.

What you should be asking is “what platforms are there available that are going to not only benefit me but others who are asking the same questions? Making money online is not a slot machine or a job it’s a business and you should approach in that way. Too many people focus on how much money they are going to make rather than how they can help people in the same position.

The facts are there are no best programs each and every one of them is what you make to them. Its seems to me you have to change your mindset. If there was such a thing as the best program then everybody would jump on board don’t you think?

Change the way you think and it will change your life

Affiliate Marketing Road To Success

How Has Making Money Online Gotten Easier in 2020?

I don’t know where people are arriving at the conclusion that making money online has got easier any experienced marketer would totally disagree with this for countless reasons. If you want to succeed online then you must be fully aware that people that say it is easy are usually newbies trying to promote their particular product and thinking this can be achieved without investment which is simply not true.


If you are being influenced by these people then it is like the blind leading the blind down a rat hole. You are following the 97% who are not making a dime. If you want to be successful online you need to aim to be one of the 3% who has truly mastered the skill set required to succeed online. The reasons why I state that making money online is harder rather than easier as you have implied with your question are for the following reasons.

Social media platforms like Facebook Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.. in the past produced free traffic whereas today here in 2020 is simply not the case. If we want traffic we have to pay for it and cost over the last 2/3 years has increased dramatically.


However, having said all that If you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone and invest in your future and want to produce multiple streams of income in multiple industries the doors of opportunity are wide open watch this video

The strategy for creating an income online is all about investment if you can invest $50 and get an ROI (return on investment) of $75 or more that is the road to success.

Hope that helps

Affiliate Marketing Road To Success



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