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Best Way To Start a Blog

Best Way to Start a Blog

I have been blogging for more years than I care to mention but I wish I knew then what I know now with regard to the best way to start a blog. I realize it’s easy to look back in hindsight but my goal is for people to benefit from my experience.

What I am excited to share with you today if you stick around for the next 5 minutes is how to avoid the mistakes that I have made from my personal experience over the years.

Best Way to Start a Blog


The most important part of starting a blog is to choose the most solid hosting platform which is my first BIG mistake. This part can be a minefield unless you know what you are doing as there are so many variables. What you want to avoid at all costs is to have to transfer your hosting to another company.


The hassle and frustration this can cause are beyond belief. The last thing you want to happen is to lose your blog posts, pages, that you have spent years creating and getting ranked for on Google. Personally I backup my site on at regular intervals I have created a short video of how to do this click below to watch the video.

Can imagine building a sandcastle on the beach and somebody comes along and kicks it over? Frustrating, to say the least, by making the right choice and paying attention to detail at the start can make life a lot easier.

If the truth be known there are so many hosting companies to choose from one would think that this would be a walk in the park. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case the way they present their hosting services is like entering the ultimate sales funnel. They start out with very low prices to attract you then as you go through the sales funnel they pile on the extras.

Customer support with large companies has a lot to be desired in most cases they employ people with little or no experience straight out of college (cheap labour is my guess). It can take days to find a solution to technical issues which can lead to further frustration.

Don’t be fooled when they offer live chat I can recall waiting for as much as 2 hours waiting for them to respond. Not only that when they did I find myself passed on to a total beginner who was unable to solve technical issues.


Unfortunately, when this happens you are now at the back of the queue until a more experienced person is available. As I am writing this I can feel the frustration that I felt back then. 

You end up with a totally different price than you started out with which is exactly what happened to me. There is nothing more frustrating than having to start all over again (which I had to do more than once) so pay attention to detail this can save you endless frustration in the long term.

However, I can sit back and laugh about it now as I never experience problems like that now at WA and you won’t either if you take my advice here


How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Business

Choosing a domain is a pretty straight forward process but it needs to be relative to what your business is about. I am not going into too much detail about how to choose a domain name but the best way to start a blog or website if you can go for a.com  If you can get a domain with no spaces or hyphens much the better.


What people are not aware of is all domains names have to be hosted somewhere. Most hosting companies offer a domain name hosting package so it can all be in one place which is the way to go. What you want to avoid is buying a domain from an outside source why?

As you are probably aware domain names have to be renewed on a regular basis so if it is with the same hosting company it is a simple process. Transferring or redirecting a domain from one company to another is more trouble than it is worth.


Why Should I Start a Blog

To start a blog you have to love writing and sharing content that you feel can benefit people that should be your main objective. Don’t focus on how much money you are hoping to make focus on how you can find solutions to people’s problems.


The whole point of blogging is to create a brand, trust which is a major issue with so many scams online. If you have an offline business having a blog that presents your products and services is a very important part of growing an online business why? You now have a global business and you can now start to build a list of subscribers and followers.


Almost all businesses have special offers at some point or another building a list of subscribers is a way of communicating with your customers. People get to know you and trust you by communicating through email and that can be achieved easily on a blog or a website with an Auto-Responder.


What is An Auto Responder

If you are not sure what an Auto-~Responder is and how it works, in short, is a web-based software that sends out messages to all of your subscribers. There are so many options, making the right choice from the outset is really important. There are FREE options but like always you get what you pay for.

If you are a network marketer of an affiliate marketer a lot of companies like Aweber, Mail Chimp, don’t like affiliate marketers and are shutting down their accounts. Whereas GetResponse is less likely to do that unless you abuse the system.

To build an email list can take years and the last thing you want is to lose that list by choosing the wrong company


I have tried quite a few of them over the years I use GR get a month FREE Trial here it has served me it’s user-friendly and they have great support 24/7 with their live chat. However, it is not an important tool if you are just starting out.

What is SEO and How Does it Work

The most important part of blogging is getting people to read your content. This is controversially one of the major challenges that we as bloggers have to overcome. SEO is a very in-depth subject and if the truth be known we never stop learning as it is constantly involving.


The reason I am referring to this is there is no hosting company that I know of will provide any help or training in this area. You are left hanging out to dry in almost every case and NOT included in their hosting packages. This is what you need to learn about SEO to get on the first page of Google 


Why a WordPress site

The best way to start a blog is to choose the WordPress option why? Google loves WP sites so we don’t want to fall out with Google. I have always chosen to have a WP website why?  However, there are various other reasons not to go down the Wix road.


WordPress Plugins

A big part of SEO is what plugins can do to help search engine rankings and most of them are FREE to use. Whereas with a Wix site they have a very limited amount of plugins plus Google don’t favour Wix sites from what I have heard along the way.

Plugins are great but choosing the right amount to make use of and not to overuse them can slow your site down There is a special training course at WA just on this subject which I found very useful and I am sure you will too.

Check it out Here

As you probably realise by now there is much more to starting a blog than one realizes at the outset. Having said that don’t let this deter you as it is great fun and an awesome way to create an income online or take your business to the next level. I hope this post has pointed you in the right direction of the best way to start a blog.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop and the most secure hosting online, want to get all of the above benefits and much more then I highly recommend WA. They have 15 years of helping people and 15 years of progression  more info here

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post of the best way to start a blog. If you have questions or comments please feel free in the section below.

To your success.


PS If all this sounds too complicated for you or you don’t have the time I am happy to offer my services and get you set up in no time at all when you join WA here

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