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Difference Between Marketing and Selling

Difference between marketing and selling introduction.

What I would like to share in this post is what is the difference between marketing a product and selling a product. So many marketers totally overlook it once you learn the difference it can send your conversion rates through the roof!

Difference Between Marketing and Selling


However, get this wrong and you will end up spinning your wheels. The average marketers think that marketing and selling are the same things!


But…nothing could be further from the truth. Selling is when you are presenting your product or thing. Whereas marketing is talking about your potential customer.


Difference between marketing and selling part 1

When a potential customer is searching online for a product or a service inevitable it is a cry for help. They are looking for solutions to their particular problem. At this point, in almost every case they are NOT in the right frame of mind to buy your product or service. So if they see your add telling them how great or awesome your company or product is that is selling.

Difference Between Marketing and Selling


To give you some idea to what I am referring to say for example… your product is CBD oil (which is a hot niche right now) due to COVID19. What you may NOT be aware of is that people are interested in CBD oil are passionate about the product and already have a solution to their problem.


So you are barking up the wrong tree! The only people you will attract are the people that are using CBD oil that may be disappointed with the product they are using for whatever reasons. It may not be organically grown or scientifically-proven health benefits that were expecting. In which case you are fishing in the local park pond rather than fishing in the sea where the sharks are.


The difference Between Marketing and Selling

Difference between marketing and selling part 2

CBD oil claims it can solve a multitude of problems for example anxiety, epilepsy, neuroprotective, Alzheimer’s disease. pain relief, Anti-acne, Cancer treatment, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, strokes, etc… the list is immeasurable. The point is if you were selling this product you say how great the product is by showing the benefits as above.



However, marketing a product is the opposite approach instead of telling them how great the company or your thing is! Stop and think about it why? Because nobody cares about that, try to found out what problems they are experiencing, in other words, talk about your prospect and how it can help them without talking about the products or the company. I am not saying at some point you are able to present the product or service but….you need to put all the other steps in place first.



If I was creating an ad for CBD oil my approach would go something like this ” Would you like to know how to sleep better and wake up feeling totally refreshed in the morning? Here are 3 simple tips” This is just one example this approach could be applied to any product or service and the main difference between marketing and selling.



If you are an affiliate marketer in other words selling other people’s products there are rules regulations that we have to stick by in the terms and conditions one of them being they can’t name the product. In which case we may not be able to use the company name. This is quite common as they don’t want people to misrepresent the company in which case the above approach could be helpful.



The next important point I would like to make about the difference between marketing and selling is with regard to affiliate marketing. So many of them send their potential customers straight to the product when they are not ready to buy. This tells me right away they don’t really understand the marketing timeline.


The marketing part is where we create a desire, trust, establish credibility which is the marketing part of the timeline. Whereas if they are in buying point of the marketing timeline that is the time to pitch the company product etc…. The marketing timeline is around 80% whereas the selling point is only around 20%.


That means if you are sending potential customers directly to the product you are missing out on 80% of the marketplace. If you are paying for traffic that can be why you are NOT getting a good ROI (return on your investment).PPC (pay per click marketing) is all about biding on keywords.


The biggest mistake the marketers make is to bid on keywords related to CBD oil rather than the benefits of CBD oil. If you would like to learn more about PPC if you need traffic for your business there is a very good pay per click training right here


What you can learn in this course is how to invest $1 get an ROI of $2 or more if you take time to study the course. If you have little or no experience Bing is a great place to start rather than Google.


Marketers are continually complaining that email marketing is dead my open and click-through rates suck. The reason is so simple and yet so few marketers are aware of it they are selling the product and NOT marketing the product. I have tried the selling way and experienced the same results.


However then I discovered the difference between marketing and selling and my open and click-through rates went through the roof. This also enabled me to delete people that don’t take action from my list. That is why I love Getresponse I know just who opens my emails and who clicks through to the information I am sharing.


I don’t want these people on my list this equates to 90% of people who want to create an income online. They think they can do it by doing nothing they continually complain the online marketing programs are all scams when they are NOT! To create an income online is hard work just like any business but very rewarding if you are prepared to learn new skills and invest in yourself.


When I refer to the information I am sharing I very rarely send any of my subscribers directly to the product I send them to my website when I create a new post like this one. This is a perfect example of the difference between marketing and selling. The chances are when they realise I trying to help them that creates a relationship with the potential customer.


Not only that there is an abundance of content on this website that I have created especially for people that want to create an income online and they often see all the products I promote and very often are in the 20% part of the buying timeline. This is playing the long game whereas most marketers are playing the short game and get frustrated with their results.


If you take the time to explore the content on this website you will be surprised how much information I have shared to help people. If you want to create multiple streams of income this first step is to get a website and internet marketing training on the same platform without one it is like having a car with no engine more information right here and it’s FREE! to get started.

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