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Does Affiliate Marketing Have a Bad Name

Does Affiliate Marketing Have a Bad Name

Does affiliate marketing have a bad name? This is just one of many questions I would like to cover in this post as this seems to be a common question

If we were to research almost any subject or business opportunity on or offline it’s pretty easy to find negative reports about anything when we punch in the appropriate keyword into the Google search results. The facts are people are naturally drawn to negative advertising rather than positive why? People hate being ripped off or sometimes described as scammed it’s a FEAR facture.


We don’t need to look any further than the newspaper headlines this is how they sell their newspapers. We now get access to the news 24/7 but how often do they headline any good news? The facts are whether we like it or NOT it’s not very often but we are naturally drawn to it as a force of habit. 


Just to prove a point which headline would you be attracted to the most?  The Prime Minister exposed to leaking trade secrets to……Or How are you going to vote in the next election?

In most cases when people give a product or service a bad name it’s a marketing ploy or marketing strategy. We call it black hat marketing and it’s widely used for personal gain. That is NOT going to change anytime soon and there is nothing we can do about that so best advice draw your own conclusions.


So my point is to answer the question does affiliate marketing have a bad name is YES it does in some cases but the people that say that are usually frustrated because they have tried it and failed out sheer lack of skills.

let’s be clear affiliate marketing has been around for many years and if you take the time to learn the skills it is an awesome industry to get involved in. I have been involved in it for more years than I care to mention and love every minute of it and you can too once you crack the code.


Unfortunately, Affiliate marketing has a massive failure rate of 97% even today so that has created a lot of bitter frustrated people and they respond by sharing their results and the sad part is people are listening to them in the same way we are attracted to negative headlines


In most cases, it’s a way of eventing their frustrations when they have been led up the garden path and been ripped off scammed by misinformation and there is no shortage of that.


It can be related to road rage when somebody pulls out in front of you it’s NOT just that action that people respond to it’s a collection of things that build up in a person’s mind to recent events.


Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing

The pitfalls of affiliate marketing are people are led to believe it’s easy to create an income online to escape the rat race and work from the comfort of their own home. This is what attracts people to affiliate marketing. The pressure of holding down a job these days is on an upward trend and countless people are seeking to change their lives for the better. Fed up with boss breathing down their necks. However, if it was simple as that the figure of 97% would be reduced dramatically.


History of Affiliate marketing

I understand why people would think it is easy to create a substantial income online. If we were to turn back the clock to the late nineties or to 2002 or thereabouts when Chris Carpenter created a course on Google PPC advertising. Chris and other people who studied the course were crushing it and they were direct linking sending visitors straight to the sales page.

That lasted for some considerable time and then came the Google Slap where the incomes disappeared overnight. This is where people got the impression that affiliate marketing was easy and it was!


Future of Affiliate Marketing

The 97% of people that are really struggling in the affiliate marketing industry today are still using the same strategies and that is direct linking. However, Google banned most of the accounts that were using this marketing strategy. Even Facebook today has jumped on board and banned many very legit websites.

Unfortunately, the Facebook groups are full of what we call Tyre kickers looking for a free ride and the results are poor it’s NOT going to produce results as expected.

If you are really serious and want to be successful in affiliate marketing in 2019 and beyond it is now much more challenging to get traffic. You will without a doubt need to have a website, SEO training, email marketing skills.

You will need tools of the trade like landing pages sometimes referred to as squeeze pages. Auto- Responder software, keyword research tools like Jaaxy which is the keyword tool I use.


Enrol and invest in education affiliate marketing training, for example, the Wealthy Affiliate University as I did. They are a well-established company who have been around for 14 years and counting. They can boast to have more than a million members or more.

What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work

The simplicity of affiliate marketing is not complicated to understand all the companies that have an affiliate program work in very much the same way. They create a unique link for all affiliates which is tracked by what we call cookies. Some affiliate programs are just singular whereas others can be 2 levels deep.

In other words, you can make commissions on the people you introduce to the program if it is 2 levels deep NOT to be confused with multi-level marketing which is totally different structure.


The advantages of affiliate marketing

What is most attractive about affiliate marketing is affiliates don’t have to deal with customer service or returns. Not only that most of the products are digital and instantly delivered to the customer.

It works well for both parties I hope this post provided the answer to your question Does affiliate marketing have a bad name look forward to your comments below

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