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Email Marketing For Beginners


Email Marketing For Beginners Introduction

What I would like to share with you in this post is the simple way to get started with email marketing especially if you are a beginner. I am sure you must have heard the money is in the list but…how to build a list is still a hidden secret even for affiliate marketers that have been around for years.


Email Marketing For Beginners


The simple truth email marketing is about building relationships whatever niche you decide upon. People buy from people they like and trust sounds simple enough but… if this is the case why is it most affiliate marketers don’t get this right?

There is a simple formula that every affiliate marketer should be implementing. The first step is to put on your relationship hat.


Email marketing for beginners step 1

Start building a list of subscribers that may seem an insurmountable task at first because most people think that we need to have a massive list which is simply not the case. It is true the bigger the list the more money we can make but…taking baby steps is the best way to think about it.


Email Marketing For Beginners

I would rather have a list that I have created a relationship with who like and trust me… rather than a large list that never open or read my messages. There are affiliate marketers that I know personally that have created a substantial income in this industry with a list of less than 500.


To build a list of that size is a walk in the park if you do it in the right way and play the long game. When building a house the most important part is the foundations and it’s pretty much the same with regard to email marketing and list building.


Email marketing for beginners step 2

It is essential to engage with the people on your list only promote solutions that you truly believe will help them to get what they want. Instead of just choosing a product to make a quick buck that is playing the short game. That is the reason why most people fail in this industry. Choosing the right niche is so important you need to find a niche of hungry buyers that will buy multiple products for you.


For example, I am in the make money online niche where they need training in a number of areas and software tools in order to succeed more on that later. It may be people that are passionate about activity. Take the example of bodybuilders they purchase books, videos. supplements, weight lifting equipment etc…  Bodybuilders are very competitive people there is no limit to what they will spend and buy a load of healthy food.


Email marketing for beginners step 3

Essential Tools of the trade this may seem pretty obvious but surprisingly most affiliate marketers miss this. There are two basic tools in order to build the foundations of your email marketing business. You need to be able to create landing pages and an autoresponder to send out your follow messages. There are countless options and to be honest, I could spend all day talking about this because I have pretty much tried them all.


Email marketing for beginners step 4

For affiliate marketing, Getresponse is head and shoulders above the rest. What you will find that companies like Aweber. Mailchimp, send-lane, etc… clearly don’t like affiliate marketers and have recently been banning accounts. Unfortunately in every industry there are always going to be people that break the rules, by using spamming tactics it’s called black hat marketing.


This is bad practice and if you do this you will also get your account banned and it’s NOT a good email marketing strategy. The are several reasons I use Getresponse the two main ones it is a one-stop-shop where you can create awesome landing pages and have a top of the range autoresponder in one single platform Interested?

I Can Offer You a 30 FREE Trial Right Here


Email marketing for beginners step 5

To Get Started that is all you need, however… this is just the start of a very exciting journey. Now you have the tools the next stage is to choose a niche NOT a product to promote that is the second  BIG mistake the most marketers make. Start by brainstorming researching markets that YOU have a personal interest in.


This may seem a daunting task and I have to be honest it can be is time-consuming but NOT if you go about it in the right way, in fact, it’s fun. Especially if it is a subject that you have a personal interest in. In most cases, you probably have lots of interests. Make a note of them save them in a file you are going to need this later.


Email marketing for beginners step 6

The next step is to list the interests, problems, and hobbies of your friends. family and work colleges. Maybe your friends are always talking about football, golf or tennis add them all to your list. The next stage is to pay attention to what is happening around you the news or on Youtube. Trust me you will get a few light bulb moments for sure.


Once you have created your list then go to your favourite keyword tool and start entering keywords for example how to, tip for, get rid of, eliminate, etc…you get the idea. When you insert these keywords into a keyword tool you this display how big the market place is how competitive it is.


If you don’t have access to a keyword tool the one I use is very effective and if you create a FREE! the account you can get 30 searches a month which should be more than enough to get you started. Of course, you are going to draw a few blanks but…keep going the gold nuggets are there is just a matter of sorting the wheat from the chaff.


The nest step is to go to Google or Bing and see who is spending money on ads. Then…go to Amazon see who is advertising there on the sponsored ads, then check for the best selling products. What you are looking for is evidence there is a hungry market place that is buying related products and services.


What you are looking for is products for around 200 thousands hits for example weight loss or the dating niche. I am sure by now you get where I am heading but this should be more than enough to get you started.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed creating it about email marketing for beginners. If you have questions, comments or need help there is a section below to your success.



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