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What I am excited to share with you today is how to boost website traffic. How to generate traffic for a website this is just one of the many challenges that most marketers, business owners, are faced with today in 2020.

How To Boost Website Traffic


Did you know there are 1.7 billion websites on the internet online in June 2020? So boosting website traffic or generating traffic is an ongoing challenge. There are countless ways of how to boost website traffic FREE so they say but is it really FREE! Hmm…. not really.



There are several paths to choose from but….. the two obvious ones. We either pay in time or money. and time is money, right? Let’s face it nothing in life is FREE! Having said that if you have time on your hands then my guess it is Free in the sense you don’t have to reach for your credit card.


How To Boost Website Traffic Using SEO Tactics

If you are fortunate enough to have time on your hands then the best choice is SEO strategy (search engine optimization) This can take anything from 6 months to 10 years if we are going to wait around for Google to rank our pages or posts. However, it is possible in much less time if you optimise your posts and make them Google-friendly and use this strategy of how to boost website traffic for your WordPress site.



What mean by that is to make sure you have enough keyword density in your article. Keywords in the H2/H3 tags. Google love content so make your article content at least 500/1000 words. If you can add a video so much the better. People don’t place much value on backlinks anymore but I think it is better to have some it will certainly help your rankings.



There are countless ways to get backlinks which can be time-consuming and some can do more harm than good. However, I have discovered a WordPress plugin that does it on auto-pilot and drip feed the backlinks so it does not harm your site. This WordPress plugin does much more than just create backlinks as you will see when you watch the demo in action.

Check it out here

However, I have also created a short video below click on the video to play


There is a lot of grunt work involved in this process, for example, you need to like writing but….you don’t have to be an expert don’t let that stop you. There is no such thing as a perfect way to write we all have unique ways of expressing ourselves.

However, practice makes perfect and there is always room for improvement Personally I love writing most of the time but it is not for everybody.


How To Boost Website Traffic & Email Marketing

The secret to free traffic is to combine email marketing by creating useful content on your blog. Youtube Channel then share it with your subscribers. If you know your audience its really easy to identify the challenges they are experiencing on a daily basis.


Keyword Research

We have to establish what problems people are facing and how we can help them. If you are not prepared to help people you should maybe do something else why? Creating traffic leads is all about creating relationships and trust. When people like and trust you it usually leads to more sales.


This is the short explanation and just the tip of the iceberg. For more information about keyword research, I have created another post here this opens in a new window if you want to check it out now. That is the basics of SEO.


List Building

The second option is paid traffic if you are in a hurry this is instant and very effective. However, you will need to invest in software tools, for example, landing page creator, An Autoresponder service. There so many options to choose from in this area which I don’t have time to cover in this post.


Over the years I have tried most of them and if you want to save time I highly recommend GetResponse for deliverability and the following reasons


1 They have been in Business since 1998 and over 350,000 business use this platform for email marketing alone

2 Their deliverability and 24/7 live customer support is awesome from my personal experience

3 It is not just an Autoresponder service you can create great landing pages in minutes

4 Sales Funnels video training and much more


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There are lots of options to paid advertising but the most popular are Facebook, Youtube, Bing PPC but if you don’t have any experience in this area you will need to invest in training why? It is important not to underestimate the skill sets required to create a successful campaign.


Although Facebook is more popular than most advertising platforms to get adds approved is an ongoing problem. Having said that this is the hands-down most targeted advertising platform and if you make use of the retargeting pixel this is an awesome way to boost website traffic.


The way it works if you are not sure what I am talking about is when you click a link online when you are researching a product or service the retargeting pixel will follow you around the internet. This is so effective and really easy to set up this is all covered for you inside the inner circle training area when you create your FREE account



For example how to create a high converting sales funnel, high converting landing pages PPC advertising and much more. You can pay thousands of dollars for this level of training. If you are looking for a good place to start which is cost-effective.


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That is pretty much all I have time to share with you today of how to boost website traffic. If you have questions or comments I am always looking for feedback

Have a great day





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