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How To Create a Sales Funnel

What I would like to share with you in this post is how to create a sales funnel but…not only that explain the pros and cons of sales funnels. Let me start by saying if were to wind back the clock to create a sales funnel would involve hiring a programmer which you are probably aware can prove to be expensive even today.

How to create a sales funnel


But..thankfully all that has changed with modern technology cloud-based software. It is now possible for almost anybody with no technical skills to create sales funnels very easily with cloud-based software which takes care of the technical aspects. However, there is a lot more to learn about how to create a sales funnel than one might think.


How To Create a Sales Funnel

Part 1 How to create a sales funnel

There are many moving parts to a sales funnel the most simplistic sales funnel would be a landing where people subscribe to a newsletter. The next page would take the potential customer to the product or service which we call a thankyou page. However, that would be a very basic sales funnel and pretty easy to create.


Part 2 How to create a sales funnel

There are software tools one would need to create something like this, for example, a landing page creator plus and AutoResponder to send out follow up messages. The reason why people create sales funnels is people rarely buy products for the first time they are presented with it.


It is a commonly known fact among marketing experts the average person has to be presented with the product or service at least 5 to 7 times before they reach a buying decision. Which makes sense if we were to use the example of TV advertising. We see the same adverts time and again and they must be successful or they would NOT continue to do it.



Not only that these adverts are shown to anybody that is watching TV at a particular time which in my opinion, would not be described as a target audience by any means. In fact, a large percentage of people take time out to put the kettle on or mute the sound on the TV.


Part 3 How to create a sales funnel

However high converting sales funnels are widely used when creating online courses especially membership websites. The way this works is they get people to join by providing 3 of 4 free video training courses. When they have attracted them in and get addicted to the course they offer the first upgrade then the second upgrade etc.


This is a very effective way to create a recurring income if you have your own product. There are various sites that provide a hosting service for membership sites but… that is a pretty broad subject which is why I have created a separate post for that right here.


Part 4 How to create a sales funnel

There is a lot to learn about how to create a sales funnel especially the high converting sales funnels. In order to achieve this, you may wish to gain copywriting skills before you jump right in. There is one book you can get at Amazon for just a few bucks its called “Breakthrough Copywriter” by Ugene Schwartz this guy is an advertising genus I highly recommend this book if you are serious about creating high converting sales funnels.


A further example of a sales funnel for thank you pages is where they offer incentives to buy the product on the sales page. This is after they have collected their email address and they have been subscribed to their email list. In many cases, they offer the product at a very low price with various bonus product giveaways related to the product they are purchasing.


Part 5 How to create a sales funnel

The next step once they have purchased the product they send them to another page with the first upsell. However, if they don’t purchase on the next part of the funnel then they are presented with a  down-sell etc… This type of sales funnel is much more complicated to create as it involves creating a series of pages which could be several pages in length.


Part 6 How to create a sales funnel

To create a high converting sales funnel of this nature you will need a top of the range software products video marketing software, graphic design skills, and much more… There are various options but the Rolls Royce is without a doubt ClickFunnels. This is very useful if you are creating a membership site or in the affiliate marketing industry where you may be promoting other people’s products.

For more information with regard to Click Funnels at the time of writing this post, they offer a 14 Day FREE Trial.


As you have probably gathered by now you will need to invest in software tools, for example, landing page creator, Auto-Responder services. There are various options and it much depends on the business you are promoting to which one suits you best. To create a basic sales funnel and a landing page creator I use Get-Response.


This is great if you are on a limited budget it is the one-stop-shop all on one platform with almost everything you need. Over the years I have tried most of them and found them the best especially if you are in the affiliate marketing industry. At the time of writing this post, they offer a 30 Day FREE! Trial Right Here.


Another thing to take into consideration it can take a lot of testing to see which landing page produces the best conversion rates. In this case, you will need spit testing software. This is where you create 2 landing pages promoting the same product by changing the text slightly great for PPC marketing.

If you are on a low budget and want to create sales funnels at the fraction of the cost this is a NEW product recently launched at the time of creating this post and I have to say it is awesome. But… rather than explain just watch this video right here you can thank me later


I have so much more I could share about how to create a sales funnel but I don’t want to overwhelm you. I hope you enjoyed this post and it has set you on the road to success. If you have questions or comments there is a space below or if you would like to learn more about how to create multiple streams of recurring income then please subscribe here.

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