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How to Earn Money With a Website

How to Earn Money With a Website

How to earn money with a website here in 2020 is not a misconception as long as we are thinking long term. Prepare your self for a very exciting journey. The fact that you are here right now excites me to share with you in the next 5 minutes how to create multiple streams of income that can set you and your family for the rest of your life.


As you have probably gathered if you take a look at my website I love blogging, writing, sharing and helping people to create multiple streams of income online. My father always said never put all your eggs in one basket and share your knowledge.

When you create a website you are now in control of your destiny and the world of opportunities are wide open especially now in 2020 where more and more people are shopping online.

How to Earn Money With a Website

However, the question is how to earn money with a website is what I am going to share with you today. There are so many options that it would be almost impossible to cover them all in this one single post but I will link you to other pages I have created on this subject.


The easiest way to create an income online is to get involved in affiliate marketing which is a 6.8 Billion dollar industry. If you are not sure how affiliate marketing works then check out my post here “what is affiliate marketing and how does it work.”


Affiliate marketing is, without doubt, the easiest way to start creating an income online. Pick a niche, product or service that you like to share information about and you are up and running. If you have trouble finding products to promote here are few options Clickbank.com, Commission junction, share a sale


There are plenty more go to Google punch in the keyword affiliate programs and the flood- gates will open that is the easy part. However, it important to understand if it was as easy as that we would all be millionaires right?


The toughest challenge that most marketers face is NOT creating a website that can be done in less than 5 minutes it is how to get visitors to your new website. This is what takes time hard work if you are looking to create FREE organic traffic using SEO strategies. A website with no traffic is like writing a book that never gets published.


However, don’t let this deter you this is where the fun begins if you like researching and creating good content. Even if you have little or no experience in creating content practice makes perfect. Creating content is as easy as writing a letter or an email.


There are people in WA where they struggle to speak the English language when they first started out but have applied grit, determination and are now enjoying huge success with the cutting edge training in WA and you can too if you take action.


What I don’t intend to do is spend any time on finding products to promote as almost every company can think of has an affiliate program to give you some examples.


Heath & Wealth, Travel which is an 8.7 trillion dollar industry. Arts entertainment, Betting Systems, computers Internet, cooking, e-business & marketing, education, green products, languages, home & garden, self-help just to name a few.


Targeted Traffic To Your Website.

There are 2 main options for creating traffic to any website and they are as follows. You can pay for it or choose the free option using SEO strategies. Depending on your skill sets if you want to create instant traffic the paid option is the way to go if you are in a hurry, However, unless you have an unlimited budget that is not sustainable in the long term.


If you really want to earn money from your website in the long term then the best option is to learn the secrets of SEO  ( search engine optimization).


Once you master these skills they can set you up for life why? Every imaginable business owner worldwide is crying out for these services for starters. You can start your own business in that area alone and that can keep you busy for the rest of your life and some.


You can have multiple websites in multiple industries this can create multiple streams of income what could be better than that? People work for 40 years plus working for somebody else and end up in retirement with barely enough to live on.


The Secret to SEO is Keyword Research

The objective is to find out what people are looking for online by doing some keyword research in your chosen niche. There are a couple of options you can do it manually or use a keyword tool which can make life a lot easier for you. Keyword research is a very in-depth subject which I could talk about all day.


Most people get this wrong by choosing keywords that are either too competitive and almost impossible to rank for or a keyword which is easy to rank for but does not produce sufficient traffic. The skillset comes into play by striking a balance between the 2 options.


If you know anything about fishing you are not going to catch a shark in a pond in the local park if you get my drift. The keyword for this post is how to earn money with a website. Using the jaaxy keyword tool which I use there are 263 searches per month if I was able to get on the first page of Google that could produce 45 visitors to my website each and every month.


Don’t expect this to happen overnight why? Because it takes time, however, the good news is once you have achieved that it is not going anywhere fast as long as you have created good content relative to the keyword. Think of it as real estate online this is how SEO works.


I can create content like this is just a couple of hours and get it published and it is out there forever. It is important to understand that Google doesn’t rank websites they rank pages or posts on a website. That means if you spend time creating content for your website there is no limit to the ongoing income you can produce overtime.


The awesome part is you can start doing this on a part-time basis until you are able to quit your job and create the income you have always dreamed about. Imagine making waking up in the morning and discover you have been making money while you have been sleeping.



Taking Action is The Key to Success

There are people in life that take action and are so hungry for success they can taste it. However, the majority of people spend their lives dreaming about it. Unfortunately terrified to step out of their comfort zone the first step is always going to be the toughest challenge. If you are a person that takes action and hungry for success as I was then you can access all the training right here and now.


See you at the top







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