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How To Generate Leads For Any Business

How To Generate Leads For Any Business

What I am excited to share in the post if you stick around for the next 5 minutes is the secrets to how to generate leads for any business and the skills involved in overcoming this ongoing challenge.


If there was one reason that so many people are struggling in their online business is they are lacking the skills of how to generate leads for any business they are trying to market. Of course online business is a very broad keyword but what I am referring to in general is the affiliate marketing, network marketing, MLM, industry where there is a massive 90% failure rate.

If the truth be known that is not surprising why? Although I love the way the internet has evolved over the last 10 years or thereabouts. We are now in the early part of 2020 have access to information on any given subject in minutes with very little effort.

However, if all that information was true why do so many entrepreneurs encounter problems in this area? The facts are there is so much misinformation that leads people down the wrong path it is not surprising they are having a tough time.


What I am about to share with you is just common sense with regard to generating leads/sales or sometimes referred to as traffic. We have only 2 simple choices we can learn the secrets to how to create FREE traffic or invest in paid traffic simple right?

How To Generate Leads For Any Business FREE Traffic 

If you take the first option which is FREE traffic we have to think long term. What I am referring to is organic traffic which can be created on a website implementing SEO ( search engine optimization)

There are countless people that offer false promises in this area they claim to be able to get your website on the first page of Google in minutes with some fancy software or WordPress plugin. Unfortunately, this is not the case although WP plugins can help some of then are essential

What they don’t tell you is Google don’t rank websites they rank pages or posts within that website. So we need lots of pages and posts in order to get Google or Bing to rank us in their search results.

When you search on Google for any product or service you will discover there are only 10 places on the first page. Let’s face it we can’t all be there right? Imagine how many people that are struggling to get leads for their businesses want to be there and take advantage of appearing on the first page of Google in minutes.


How to Generate leads of any business Content is King

I am sure you agree there is no common sense to these false claims. Let’s move on to more positive strategies to how we can achieve this for your business. The secret is content is king and we have provided solutions to people’s problems. In this instance, it is how to generate leads for any business.

We have start somewhere and that is obviously with a Website that is the really easy part and it won’t cost you anything check it out here that is if you don’t have one already.

Keyword Research

Once we have a website up and running its time to start creating content. However, before we do that I am not talking about any old content we are looking to help people so we need to do some keywords research. We have 2 options we can do this manually or use a keyword tool which I use that can cut the time in half.


As an example let’s take the keyword I used to create this post which is how to generate leads for your business. Last month using the Jaazy keyword tool I use there were 136 people searching on that one keyword alone.

How To Generate Leads For Your Business

I know that may not seem a lot but if I choose a more competitive keyword like how to make money online there were 65,121 searches last month. That is what I call a competitive keyword and almost impossible to get on the first page of Google. However, I chose the keyword How To Generate Leads For Any Business. I realise that I won’t get floods of traffic with that keyword as there are only 320 searches per month but…I have a better chance of appearing on the first page of Google.

The secret is to search for keywords that are what we call long-tail keywords and create content around it. This is not rocket science it’s just pure common sense. This is just the tip of the iceberg with regard to SEO if you are struggling in this area I have my secret source with all the cutting edge training you will ever need


Online Paid Advertising Methods

There are endless options to paid advertising platforms which I am sure you must be aware of so I won’t bore you with the details. However, not many people know of how to invest $1 and get an ROI of $2 that is the objective to achieve when investing in paid advertising. Once you have learned the secrets to this simple equation you have a license to print money at will.

However, if it were as simple as that you probably would not be reading this post. If the truth is known there is much more to this than one might think at first glance.


What Do We Need To Learn In Order To Succeed in This Area?

There are many aspects to this in-depth subject as you can imagine. It’s not just a question of placing an ad and hoping for the best which is the biggest mistake that marketers with little or no experience are guilty of. Creating an ad that attracts buyers we have to have copywriting skills.



There are words that sell and also phrases that sell which there are a couple of books that I purchased years ago which really helped me.

Phrases That Sell by Edward Werz and Sally Germain”

More Words That Sell by Richard Bayan.


These books are readily available on Amazon. Click on the above links. This can help in so many areas when you are creating your advertising campaigns plus your squeeze pages.



The next step is to have access software to create landing pages or sometimes referred to as squeeze pages. The objective is to get people to subscribe to your newsletter so that you can send follow up messages to your subscribers. Hot Tip people rarely buy a product or service the first time around typically it takes 5/7 presentations.



There are quite a few choices of software for creating squeeze pages they are as follows OSP which is the one I use this most cost-effective. However, if you want the best CF is the one that the top marketers use.


In order to send out messages you are going to need and Auto-Responder I have tried most of them over the years but I have found GR the most cost-effective and user-friendly.


Now you are good to go with all the tools that you will ever need. However, it does not end there, in fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg when we enter into the world of paid advertising. In the paid advertising campaigns I have set up they hardly ever get a positive ROI without a lot of tweaking & testing.


In fact, be prepared to lose money at the start is what even the most experienced marketers will tell you. If you are expecting instant positive results then don’t why? Because this almost never happens. If went to the race track with no experience and got a result on your first bet I call that luck. However, we all know it’s not possible on a regular basis unless you know what you are doing.


So the secret is when you are creating your campaign start small to check the click-through rate track every click until you see a good return on your investment then scale up. Don’t just create one Squeeze page but at least 3 and alternate them until you find the one that gets the best click-through rate.


What is ReTargeting

Once you have achieved that we need to learn about retargeting. To give you an explanation of how retargeting works. Have you ever visited a website researching a product or service and where ever you go online that product is following you around? That is how retargeting works this is so effective and send your conversion rates through the roof.



As you have probably gathered by now this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how to generate leads for your business. If all this is new to you and you would like to learn more I have something very special to offer you and that is a complete done for you system.


No technical skills.• No Websites No email lists, No landing pages No Auto-Responders, Targeted Traffic Done for you, Retargeting Done for YOU, Follow messages Done for YOU.


Plus you can get instant access to the inner circle where you can learn all the above skills and become independent and you can use these skills to grow any business, create multiple streams of income in multiple industries using the platform of Unbox this is like opening pandora’s box


For more information watch this video and create a FREE account

Many thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post and I hope it has helped you out. If you have questions or comments use the section below I love to get feedback

See you at the top friend

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