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How To Get FREE Website Traffic

I think it is fair to say that almost everybody who has a website would like to know How To Get FREE! Website Traffic. There are various options to get traffic to a website but.. it has been proven over many years of testing, trial and error organic traffic compared to paid traffic is much better quality.

How To Get FREE Website Traffic


With regard to organic traffic, we can expect to get higher conversion rates, make more sales which lead to better ROI more profit that surely is what we all want as marketers.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

How to get free website traffic part 1

Marketers, in general, complain that email marketing is dead they are experiencing poor open rates disappointing click-through rates and feel that paying out for Auto-Responder services is draining their marketing budget. Behind every problem, there is always a solution.


In almost every case, it comes down to the quality of traffic they are attracting to their offer or website. Obviously that is only a small part of it when we refer to email open or click-through rates.


There is a formula that I have been using for some considerable time which can improve open and click-through rates dramatically. The simple formula is NOT to sell with every email you send out. People hate to be sold too we need to create value for example.


If I create a post on my blog which I believe is a solution to their problem or it can help them in any way I create a newsletter and send them to the post that I have created on my website. Obviously we have to make sales at some point but the secret is baby steps towards the sale see the image below it is as follows: sale, value, value, sale, value, value sale’



Paid traffic is obviously the fastest easiest road to take it’s instant and if you know what you are doing can be very targeted. On the other hand, paid traffic is an ongoing investment which can drain our marketing budgets over time if times get tough.


If we were to compare it with organic traffic which if we have time on our hands (being the operative word) this is NOT forced people arrive at our websites by taking a natural organic path to what they are looking for if we create valuable content. Being a full-time blogger I spend a great of time researching various websites checking out my competition.


How To Get FREE Website Traffic

From my personal experience, the sites that create valuable content are experiencing the best results and are continually on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo. Instead of plunging into a sales pitch as a visitor arrives, they help their visitor by presenting a solution to their problem or what they need help with by creating valuable content.


How Do We Create Valuable Content?

How to get free website traffic part 2

This is a great question and excited to share the solution to this problem using a simple keyword tool that I use. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could find what problems people are experiencing in an instant rather than spending hours researching? When people need help there are 3 words that they almost always use and they are as follows: how, what, where, followed by a question these are called long-tail keywords these people are looking for solutions to their problem.


To prove a point I have created a short video on my Youtube channel to how this keyword tool can really help your business click on the video below to watch it. For this example, I have used the long tail keyword for this post how to get free website traffic

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If we create content around those long-tailed keywords we have opened the flood- gates of how to get free website traffic. People complain that SEO takes to much time I get that but… my answer is always the same good things inevitably do. Paid traffic is great if you are in a hurry but do you really want to be lining the pockets of Facebook, Google, Bing, forever? Organic traffic is like real estate the only difference being it’s published online you only create that content one time.


It’s true you need to update the content from time to time and it’s also fair to say that we need to be creating new helpful content to get even more free traffic. In spite of this creating helpful content helping people to get what they want is fun and rewarding.



Creating a substantial income online is about creating relationships with people they don’t buy products in this industry they connect and follow people they can trust who are not out to make a quick buck.



What I love about blogging and creating valuable content is people are continually looking for help especially in the make money online industry where there is so much misinformation and hype. However, not only in this industry take for example the weight loss niche last month alone there were 32,380 searches on how to lose weight and that is just one single keyword. 



How to get free website traffic part 3

I am pretty sure by now you must realise in this post this is the tip of the iceberg of how to create organic traffic and like any trade or profession we have to be prepared to learn new skills get inspired what has helped me personally and thousands of budding entrepreneurs is the Wealthy Affiliate University where they train people in SEO procedures and much more…



Everything I have shared with you today is providing you have a website that you are in complete control of. If this creates a problem and you need a website that is an easy solution. It can be achieved in less than 2 minutes and it won’t cost a dime.



Click here to start this exciting journey today.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to get free website traffic and found it useful informative. I love to get feedback so if you have questions or comments share them in the section below. Many thanks for taking the time to read and watch the videos on this post.


To your success


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