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How to Get On The First Page of Google

How To Get On The First Page of Google


If there was a secret formula that every online marketer would like to know I am pretty sure it would be how to get on the first page of Google. Surprisingly enough it’s not as hard as one might think but contrary to you may have been led to believe it is NOT going to happen overnight.


If we were to turn the clock back it used to be really easy to get ranked for a domain name within a couple of days. However, with so many competing websites, this is not so easy these days in 2020. However, the good news is we don’t have to focus on that issue of domains so much why?

How To Get On The First Page of Google With Posts

Google algorithms are not designed to rank websites but the pages and posts within the website not many people are aware of this. It’s all very well to get on the first page of Google for one keyword but that is not going be life-changing. What we need to do is have as many posts as possible on the first page of Google.


Content is King

The way to achieve that is to create content which you must have heard a million times before but is true and something we as marketers cannot sweep under the carpet. Most people shy away from this because it takes a lot of hard work but what doesn’t’? There is no quick fix to this. Google love websites that continue to create good valuable content.



However, if it was as simple as that you probably would not be here right now reading this post. You probably would be on a beach somewhere sipping pina Coladas. It’s all very well saying content is king but what content? How do we evaluate valuable content in Google eyes?


What is Keyword Research

We have to start somewhere we have to find out what people are searching for and then we provide a solution. For example, if we wanted to buy a new car what keywords would we punch into Google? It could be anything from new cars for sale, best deals on new cars, this is what I call broad keywords.


Sure there would be a ton of searches for the above keywords. But the question is how difficult would it be to get on the first page of Google for them? If the truth be known NOT a hope in hell why? They are too competitive and most people would go for these competitive keywords especially large companies.


They would have a team of people working on this behind the scenes around the clock which as a small business entrepreneur we would not be able to compete with them. It would be like going into the ring with Mike Tyson knowing nothing about boxing.


The Secret is to find keywords that are not so competitive which are more targeted. Using the above example of buying a car looking for keywords on a particular make or model would be a better plan. Even then they are still what I call to broad and too competitive.


We have to think out of the box and look for long-tail keywords that may not have so many searches but much easier to rank for. Take for example the keyword I use to create this post.” How to get on the first page of Google” that is a long-tail keyword and if you do your homework these type of keywords are in abundance.


So the secret is to find at least 20/30 of these keywords and then create individual posts on each keyword. Now what you have is 20/30 articles on the first page of google simple right? You may well be asking…


How To Create The Content?

This is much easier than you might think. If you know a lot about the given subject then the words jump onto the page especially if you are inspired. However, if you find yourself stuck in this area there is a simple way to go about this.


Punch your chosen keywords into Google find out what other people are writing about on the subject to get some inspiration. Whatever you do DO NOT COPY other people’s content that will get your website blacklisted. The next question is I am sure you must be asking…..


How Do I Find Keywords?

If you have lots of time on your hands it’s pretty easy to do this manually, in fact, Google will help you. However, if you wanted to drill a hole you will need a drill to make life easier right? In the same respect, you need to get your hands on a good keyword tool that will find those golden nugget keywords in minutes. Its Free Take It for a Test Drive


So there you have it how to get on the first page of Google but there’s so much to learn about SEO this is only the tip of the iceberg there is so much more to learn on this given subject. If the truth is known as much as I love helping people it would be impossible to cover all the aspects of SEO (search engine optimization) in this single post.


If It is important to understand that Google continues to change their algorithms so to get on the first page of Google on a regular basis we have to keep on top of the game. Once you master these skills it can be applied to almost any business

You can learn more here…


We all know that Google is the most used search engine. But not many people are aware of that is much easier to get on the first page of Bing. I will admit you are not going to get the level of traffic but I personally get a lot of traffic from Bing and it is much more targeted.


So the secret is if you are submitting your site to Google then submit the same content to Bing and kill two birds with one stone.

Thanks for sticking around to read this post if you have questions or comments please submit them in the section below.

See You at the Top.


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