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Have you dreamed of living life on your own terms being able to do what you want when you want and how you want?

This is what most people desire but having a desire for something is just an impulse it has no value until it is developed into physical action.


Countless people struggle through life with very little purpose almost like they are lost in a maze. They are stuck in a job they hate but are forced to keep just in order to survive. Did you know that a massive 85% of people hate their jobs according to the Gallop poll survey?


Apparently, stay at home moms are a typical example although they are able to spend more time with their children they are often frustrated because they feel they are not reaching their full potential in life. They often feel discouraged because they want to be more do more but lack a definite plan in order to change things around.


The latest figures are that for every 10 people in the world surprisingly there are only 3 people that are happy with their lives. There are various reasons to why they include money problems, stuck in relationships that are not working, jobs where they feel trapped they are not reaching their full potential.


However, top of the list are financial problems it might interest you to learn that 8.3 million people are unable to pay their household bills according to the BBC the latest news.


That fact is we are all capable of changing our lives if we have a mind to do it. Did you know that the average person only uses only 10 per cent of their brain-power?


In order to change our lives and live life on our own terms, we have to use the power of our imagination which I covered in another post what is the power of thought

Start Dreaming

Let’s assume for a moment that you are one of the 8.3 million people that are struggling financially in some way or another. Sit back and relax and imagine you are truly rich like for example Richard Branson and think what you really want out of your life.


Think back to your childhood most people have dreams at that stage of their life of what they want to do or be. The first step if you want to start living life on your own terms is to start dreaming why? Dreams can become a reality it’s never too late to get started.



However, dreaming is only the first step, unfortunately, most people have dreams but never take action or create a definite plan of how to make those dreams become a reality. Carl Jung among other people discovered that people of the eastern world are spiritually, mentally and physically much more advanced than people in the western world.



People in the eastern world have trained their minds to achieve unbelievable things like run needles through the palm of their hands. Although we in the western world have no use for these practices the point I am making is they have learned the secrets to training their minds and controlling their thoughts to achieve anything in life.



However, this is all very well but it does take work and practice. Imagine wanting to become a doctor or a lawyer it takes years of study. It would be stupid to think that anybody could achieve any of these worthwhile professions by simply dreaming about it.


Discover The Real You

So the next stage is to consider your options we all have been blessed with talents and gifts all you need to do is to figure out what you have been blessed with. You don’t have to be great at any of these God-given talents in many cases they need to be developed which takes time and effort.



The great musicians, writers, poets when they first discovered they were talented had to work at it to develop their talents. If you are reading this post I can only assume you are looking for ways to live life on your own terms and this is the second stage

Time Management.

The next stage is time controversially the most valuable thing we have power over. Why is it that the average person wastes so much valuable time scrolling through social media feeds, watching YouTube, playing video games and keeping “busy” with stuff that is of little or of no benefit?



If you were to study the people that have enjoyed huge success if I could nail one reason for it they don’t waste time on any of the above. The top of the list excuse for underachievers is they say they don’t have time. What they really mean reading between the lines is they can’t manage their time or they can’t be bothered, they are still in stage one of dreaming about it.



It never ceases to amaze me how some people are able to speak several languages. Successful musicians actors and performers find to time to write several books. They have learned the secrets to how to manage their time and make every minute of the day count.


The Conclusion

If you are determined to live life on your own terms and not sure where to start then niche marketing is just one of my suggestions. Yes, there is a learning curb and takes a lot of hard work and study but it’s really worth the effort in the long term. Most people when they start something new start part-time and blogging is a perfect example.


However, it’s not for everybody. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post and I hope it has helped you out. If you have questions or comments I always relish them in the section below.

From the desk of Alan Benney.

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