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How to Sell Digital Products Online


How to sell digital products online is what I am excited to share with you today in this post. Let me start by saying there has never been a better time to get your slice of this massive pie. If you are one of the thousands of people that have been affected by the coronavirus and concerned about whether you are likely to lose your job or you have already lost your job then stay on this page.

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How To Sell Digital Products Online


The cold hard facts are that at the time of creating this post in July 2020 6.5 million jobs could be lost due to this economic fallout in the UK alone read more here… 


 When we were celebrating Christmas with our family and friends in December 2019 who could have predicted that we be would be experiencing this devastating unprecedented situation. Nobody could have predicted this but…there is a lesson to be learnt that is no job is safe.


At the time of writing this post in July 2020 its time to get your slice of this 12 Billion dollar Pie selling digital products online from the comfort of your own home. In every crises situation, there are people that see the positives of this unprecedented situation that we are facing whereas the average focus on the negatives living in fear of what the future holds.


If you have doubts about how to sell digital products online or think this is just a passing phase it’s easy enough to confirm this a growing industry check out Google trends in the screenshot below.

How to sell digital products online



How to Sell Digital Products Online

Once you master the skills of how to sell digital products online you never look back in hindsight the only regret will be that you did NOT start sooner rather than later. In spite of that, we can’t unscramble a scrambled egg. The awesome part about this you can start part-time to top up your income or if you have time on your hands dive right in and make it a full-time profession.


Whichever option you choose almost anybody with no prior experience or technical skills at any age can do this. However, it is important to understand that there is a lot to learn. What I am NOT going to do is sugar coat it and tell you are going to create that 6/7 figure income by next week why? To be completely transparent and honest with you that just isn’t going to happen.


There are so many people that enter into this niche of how to sell digital products online that completely ignore everything am about to share with you by playing the short game. Whereas the 6/7 figure earners are happy to build their business on solid ground and play the long game.

What is The Short Game Direct Linking?


If you any experience in this field you will be fully aware we call that direct linking this is where they search for a product to promote and send them directly to the sales page. However, this is the main reason that 90% and counting fail and it becomes an expensive hobby rather than a full-time income. If you would like to learn more about direct linking rather than go into too much detail there is another post I have created right here.


There are various ways to play the long game which I am excited to share with you if you are a person that is prepared step up to the plate and take action! (being the operative word). I would like to make it clear I use 2 systems but…you can choose either one or both.


The first one is if you are an experienced marketer in a hurry and have mastered the skills of paid advertising or know how to create FREE traffic then great its called list building. This involves creating high converting landing pages email marketing by using an Auto-Responder and have graphic design skills etc…


If this is the road you want to take you will need to invest in landing page software and an Auto-Responder. I use Get-Response why? Over the years I have tried and tested almost all of them and most of them don’t like marketers that sell digital products online. Don’t ask me why I am still trying to figure that one out lol.


Recent reports are they have been shutting down accounts companies like Aweber, Mail Chimp, and many others I wanted to make your fully aware of that. Whereas at the time of creating this post there are no such reports from GR as long as you don’t abuse the system by spamming then your good to go.


There are various reasons I use Get-Response but what I love about them we can create unlimited landing pages and have a top of the range Auto-Responder on one single platform and much more… plus they offer a 30 day Free! Here.


The second option is perfect if you are completely new to digital marketing and short on funds don’t know where to start. This platform is designed especially for digital/affiliate marketers of all levels. Transform your ideas into profits start your business from 1 million-plus niches in the digital marketplace and you can join it for FREE Right Here!


The next step is to show you where to find all these digital products to promote. Clickbank.com the most trusted digital market place online with thousands of products established in 1998. They also have their very own Clickbank university course which is awesome.


There is much more I would love to share with you but…I don’t want to overwhelm you as there is so much to learn. If you would like to learn more then please subscribe to my newsletter where ordinary people with no experience or technicals skills are well on their way to creating 6/7 figures online follow the 3 keys to success that most people miss Subscribe Here


Many thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read my post on how to sell digital products online if you have questions or comments please use the space below this post.

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