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Things to do when you retire


After many years of working endless hours as most people do these days the vision of retiring seems on the surface a wonderful option. However, finding things to do when you retire can present certain challenges that we may not have planned for.

However, when retirement eventually comes around the dream in many cases is NOT all it is cracked up to be.


At the time of writing this post, I have been retired in reality for more than 10 years on paper. The retirement age when we are eligible to receive a pension in the UK is age 65. However, don’t get too excited why? Unless you have planned for retirement have managed to save money or have invested in a private pension you could find yourself in financial difficulty as many people have discovered after early retirement.



What I found from my personal experience having spent a great deal of my working life on the road in the first 3 to 4 weeks it is like living the dream. The thought of having NOT to be a slave to an alarm clock and travel miles to an appointment to make sales was great. I was able to do all the things that I never had time for when I was working full time.


I have always wanted to learn to speak Spanish have my own blog study online marketing spend more time playing sports which I am now able to do. I love to keep my brain active to gain new skills to read more books.


However, from what I understand after a great deal of research the novelty soon wears thin for countless people if you don’t explore different ways to enjoy this wonderful time of your life. It’s sad to say that the amount of people that end up looking at 4 walls and become couch potatoes bored to death is extraordinary.


From what I have read many people feel their time is up and feel unwanted useless thrown on the scrap heap. If this is your line of thinking nothing could be further from the truth.


Apparently from what I understand retired people fall into 2 categories. There are people that have planned financially for retirement and are able to really enjoy life to the full. These people because they are open-minded and hungry to gain knowledge throughout their lives know how to gain the full benefits in their retirement years.


They have more time for hobbies, play more sport, enjoy good health and take holidays whenever they please why? Because they are open-minded and have a positive mental attitude towards life.


Whereas others like the 21% of Americans who have NOT made definite plans and just muddled through life it can be pretty miserable when they have barely enough to live on. They can only dream about those holidays or joining the local golf club etc…

Let’s face facts that saving money for retirement for the average person in 2019 in almost impossible especially if they are on a minimum wage as countless people are.


Things To Do When You Retire

The first thing to focus on is to create and live a healthy lifestyle. One of the first steps for me was to join a gym there are some great deals for people over 65. I get access to the gym, indoor swimming pool, steam, and sauna rooms it keeps me fit and get’s me out of the house. The saying goes use it or lose it in the later years of our lives.

If this is NOT your thing then take up tennis, golf, badminton, squash, cycling, walking, fishing, climbing, etc there are so many options start to enjoy your life and have fun.


If you are one to the 21% of Americans that are flat broke and unable to pay your bills this is for you. Don’t worry I am NOT going to pitch you with some get rich scheme that will change your life by next Thursday if that is what you are looking for and have some money to spend then try this.


However, if you are open-minded and prepared to learn new skills to spend less time watching the TV then what I am going to share with you can change your whole perspective of your life as did mine.


It is important to understand it NOT all about making money that is the mistake that most people make it’s all about the journey in order to get where you want to go.


For example, think when you planned and took your last holiday. Ask yourself this question did you enjoy planning for your holiday as well as the time spent in the destination?


I know for a fact I did so it is the same with learning new skills to top up your pension but also to enjoy what you are doing. Most people before they retired hated their jobs in a recent survey it revealed 51% of Americans want to quit their job read more here


So the message is to choose something that you really enjoy doing otherwise what is the point? After you may have spent most of your life doing something you hate so now is the time for a change and do something you love.



I did a lot of some soul-searching before I arrived at what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. I invested in lots of books and what I discovered was to look for something that did not cost me anything at least to get started. As you have probably gathered by now I love blogging. It’s Free forever and it’s fun.


However, this is NOT for everyone but I love writing so this suits me down to ground. Most people get confused about blogging and think they have to be experts in the making money online niche and that is simply NOT the case.


Most people over the years have gained special skills for example fishing. I love the TV programs about fishing and realize there is much more to this than meets the eye. I know lots of my friends that blog about fishing and enjoy sharing their latest experiences.


I know many others that love climbing and blog about that. When you do something for fun and know that it will top up your income eventually that is what I call enjoying the journey so more about niche marketing here

The Conclusion

I could share much more about Things To Do When You Retire however my goal was to point you in the right direction to give you some direction which when I retired was looking for. If you have questions or comments I am always looking for feedback in the section below.

Life is what you make of it to your success and happiness from the desk of Alan Benney


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