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what is wealthy affiliate university


More and more people asking what is the wealthy affiliate university and I can understand why as to date it has around a million members. It was created by Kyle and Carson and they can honestly boast to have created a maintained the largest affiliate training program in the world established since 2005.


People who have not given a try often call it a scam which I find this extraordinary why? How can a program that is FREE for life be a scam? Of course, there is an upgrade if people want extra training but I find that very reasonable and fair.



When we refer to a University it really is one for sure. Think back to when you were at University how much there was to learn and how excited you were to start your journey. The only difference being the Wealthy Affiliate University is a fraction of the cost.


This is a very similar experience even if you are a seasoned marketer it is like starting your education all over again and it does what it says on the tin which in this industry is very rare.

Affiliate Marketing Road To Success


Unfortunately, most other training courses in this industry are old hat and teach methods that clearly don’t work. They are created for desperate people who have not done their homework.


When these people join they are left hanging out in the cold to dry with no support and a static frustrated out-of-date information that clearly is unless.


Why is Wealthy Affiliate Head and Shoulders Above The Rest?

Kyle and Carson teach what is worked for them over the past 14 years and hold nothing back in their training program and is continually updated on a daily basis. They are not just up to date with what is happening now in 2019 but light years ahead of any training program online.


They make it very clear from the outset that this is NOT a get rich scheme it takes time and hard work like any on or offline business. This program delivers everything the other programs promise but fail to deliver leaving endless frustrated people out there with the viewpoint that affiliate marketing doesn’t ‘s work.


The first impressions are this is created for people just starting out in the affiliate marketing industry. However, if you dig a little deeper into the training courses even the most seasoned marketers with a vast amount of experience have taken their business to new heights just by studying this course.


As you progress through the training course it does get harder but there is never any pressure you can work at your own pace. Great for people that have a work full-time job and want to create extra income on the side. However, if you are a full-time marketer and want to kick start your business to the next level this is perfect for YOU!


The structure of the training is based on how to create FREE traffic to any website implementing SEO strategies. However, not just SEO if you want to learn about PPC marketing keyword research, blogging, niche marketing, social media, Youtube marketing, Google console, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon affiliate program, Google Analytics the list is endless you are on the right track here.


If you are in a hurry and happy to invest in paid traffic they have got your back. There are 10 step by step video lessons  in pay per click advertising and a further 10 here for advanced to how to scale your business in any niche


Wealthy Affiliate Support

What makes the Wealthy Affiliate support unique and head and shoulders above the rest are you don’t just get support from Kyle and Carson alone in minutes NOT days or weeks. The support is also there for you from the seasoned affiliate marketers who have enjoyed huge success in the affiliate marketing industry and happy to help in any way they can.


Quite a few people are under the illusion that by joining WA the only options are to promote the program. Although that is the option of my choice it is NOT what most members do. This program is about building niche websites about your hobbies or interests you feel passionate about. It’s all about transferring your interest’s into profits


Even if you have no idea where to start the Wealthy Affiliate training course will help you choose the direction of your business from over 1,000,000 different niches.

Best Internet Marketing Tools

What I love about WA there are no upsells once you are a premium member the tools provided as part of the membership include the Jaazy keyword tool, secure website hosting (https rather than Http learn more here ) site-building tools, WordPress tips, and tricks.

Weekly training recorded webinars on almost every subject imaginable. If you had to purchase these tools one by one this would amount to a substantial amount of money.

Why Do People Hate Selling or Being Sold Too?

If you think this is a sales pitch to join the Wealthy Affiliate training YOU are right! I make no bones about it why? Imagine you had a cure for cancer and you had a friend or a family member desperately looking for a cure would you keep it to yourself and let them continually suffer? 


Would you wait for that person to read your mind and guess that you have the cure that would change their life? What would you think of a friend like that who didn’t share it with YOU as the person suffering from cancer?


The make money online industry is full of scams and fraudsters. However, this program is the opposite this is the cure for YOUR financial cancer if you are willing to TAKE ACTION and learn put in the hard work which is what it takes.


The people that hate selling their product or service, in my opinion, have little or no faith in the product that it will help people. From my viewpoint, that is NOT the case and I hope you realize from the benefits that I have outlined in this post.


As a FREE member, you get 2 free forever websites with no pressure ever to upgrade. There are 10 lessons which cover the basics of how to how to build your first website. Please watch my the short video below


However, if you are serious about creating a substantial income online you will need to upgrade to a premium member which costs $49 per month which I have made a  video below.



In the video below are some of the benefits of upgrading to a premium member


My Special Bonuses

If you join Premium within the first 7 days after creating a FREE account here are the bonuses I am going to be giving you.

(1) You are going to get a 59% discount on your first month premium membership (only $19)

Of course, if you love it as I do and total commit you can go annual and save even more at $359 which equates to $29.99 per month which that is a steal when you consider all the benefits.

The Conclusion

If you are anything like me you may have looked a number of reviews and wondered if it would make any difference to your success in the Wealthy Affiliate program? Although it would be awesome if you joined my team by clicking on my link and you can rely on getting my full support every step of the way.


To be completely honest it makes very little difference who you join under why? The Ball is in your court you are joining the most successful helpful community online and YOU only get out of it what you put in.


Many thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read and watch the videos on this post and look forward to seeing you at the top. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to do that in the space below or contact me on Facebook

From the desk of Alan Benney

Affiliate Marketing Road To Success