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What is a Membership Website

Are sitting at your computer, wondering what is a membership website?  What I would like to share with you in this post is what it is…. and the benefits of creating a membership website.


MW has been around for many years however it is only recently they have become very popular even for people with no programming or technical skills in fact…. almost anybody can create an MW in just a few clicks of a mouse with the new cutting edge software available today.


It is a phenomenal way of creating a recurring income. This is NOT like the traditional way to make money online where you have to build an email list, have a sales funnel, spend half your life on social media, buy traffic, continually have to dream up ways to bring new visitors to your website.

What is a Membership Website?

This is a gated part of a website where only people that have subscribed can access the content. The most successful MW are usually free to join which attracts new members. However, if they want more valuable content they can upgrade to a paid membership which can create recurring income.


The most frustrating part of starting an online business is getting visitors to their websites. This can be achieved in various ways the most widely used is paid traffic or SEO read more here


The awesome part about MW is the users create the traffic by sharing their experiences. What this means is once the website is created with a generous helping of good valuable content the users can’t wait to share it with their friends and family and on social media.

What is a membership website


It’s very much like when we discover a really good restaurant or watch a good film it’s quite natural that we want to share it with our friends and family right? The main benefit of an MW is the members’ communicate with each other this in turn very often produces, even more, paid members’ it has a snowball effect.



Lynda.com is a perfect example of a very successful MW which she sold to Linkedin for 1.5 billion in 2015. However, it started out with just one category but over time it was and still is like an online university.



Another fine example is the wealthy affiliate membership site its free to join and they offer free training of how to build a substantial online business in any niche initially. However, most people soon realize the value and become premium members’.


All dating sites as you are probably aware are MW they offer a FREE membership in most cases to attract new members’. However, once they are inside the members’ area they offer the option to upgrade to a paid option to be in touch with more people that are looking for a serious relationship.


The most successful way to create one of these sites by helping people, for example, it could be about parenting which is a pretty broad subject. The reason I say pick a broad subject is when building your MW it’s best to start off with just one category and start creating your FREE content


As you can imagine there is so much to learn about parenting that it would be impossible to run out of categories. I have only mentioned parenting but there are so many subjects that people need help with check out the image below if you are short on ideas.

How to get members is the part of the piece of the puzzle where most people that attempt to build their MW fail and quit after a short time. Just like anything else there is a learning curb and trying to do alone is the hard way and the pitfalls along the way can cost you dearly.


What I have found the one thing is NOT to do is reinvent the wheel. Follow and learn from people that have created successful membership websites.


Chris luck has been hugely successful since 1999 at helping people to make money online. Chris is regarded as an expert in the field of building Membership Websites and offers FREE training of his step by step method that makes $11,428 per day you can register for the free webinar here


create your own membership website



Okay here is the step by step method to get started. The first step is to choose a niche where you can offer some useful information about a chosen subject. It could be anything if you are short on ideas go to Amazon and check out the best-selling books. Then on the left look at the categories, I have made a short video to help you out click on the video below to play.


Although this video is about parenting is could be about anything for example fishing, and then you could elaborate and create content about different fish or bait or hooks the list is endless. Try to think out of the box to what people need help with.


The next step is to find the people that need help one of the sites I go to is Quora.com. It would be natural to go to Facebook but don’t do that why? You will get bombarded with adverts which can be distracting Quora is very much like Facebook with a news feed but you can choose the subjects that people need help with.


Another way to find out what people need help with is to use a keyword tool, for example, I punched in the keyword how to teach your child to read check out the screenshot below as you can see there are 4,4000 searches on this keyword and this is in just one category,




The Conclusion

You may be thinking that people can go to Youtube or Google for any information they want and that is true to a certain extent. When people go to Youtube they very often only get a snippet of information….. what membership websites offer is having all that information in one place and much more.


So there you have it I hope after reading this post you have a clear picture of what is a membership website and enjoyed the free training to how to get started. If you have questions or comments I am always looking for feedback and happy to help you in any way I can. If you found this content valuable I would really appreciate it if you could share it with your friend’s or social media.


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post to your success from the desk of Alan Benney.

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