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What is an Affiliate Marketing Website

What I would like to share with you on this post is what is an affiliate marketing website? This is not to be confused with an e-commerce website. An e-commerce website is where a person is selling their own products whereas an affiliate marketing website they are selling other people’s products to create a commission.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Website


The awesome part about creating an affiliate marketing website there is no limit to the number of products to promote in 1 million niches. For example, this website creates multiple streams of income in the make money online niche. In order to succeed online marketers need software tools and training.




What is an Affiliate Marketing Website

There are affiliates and super-affiliates and trust me there is a massive difference between the two. Super affiliates have taken the time and trouble to learn how to build a business on solid ground so they will need to be able to create high converting sales funnels. In which I send them to a well-established company called Click Funnels.


This enables them to create a website on one single platform. They offer a 14 Day FREE Trial so I send them here to this link If they buy the product I create a recurring commission as long as they continue to stay as a user. The next software product they may need is Affiliate Marketing training in which case I send them to this link to Create FREE Account


Yet again as long as they stay a user then this is another stream of income. These are all products I use myself I never promote products to make a quick buck my goal is to help people but….it does happen to create ongoing commissions. 


What is an Affiliate Marketing Website part 2

Next on the list, they will need an Autoresponder I have used Get-Response for years and even better they offer a 30 Day Free Trial so I send them here but I am also an affiliate for this product which creates another stream of income. I am sure by now you can see how I create multiple streams of income in the make money online niche.


However, you can apply this to almost any affiliate program in any niche lets take for example the leisure industry. The first one that comes to mind is Golf. There are so many branches to this tree to create recurring affiliate commissions. What you need to do is create a website selling golf equipment, golf holidays, golf clubs golf shoes the list is endless.


The awesome part is you don’t have to worry about the delivery of the product. customer service, returns, or anything of that nature the company take care of that. Almost every product or service has an affiliate program. The commissions can vary from 8/90% depending on the company.


What is an Affiliate Marketing Website part 2

If you are looking for a place to get started to find products to promote there is a variety of sites. The most popular ones ClickBank, Commission Junction that should be well enough to get you started. Don’t’ make the mistake that most affiliate marketers make by playing the short game and direct linking. In other words not taking the time to build a website and sending traffic straight to the product big mistake more info about that here.


What is an Affiliate Marketing Website part 3

There is no shortage of Niches but best to choose one that you feel passionate about it makes life so much easier and more fun. In order to create a successful affiliate website, the goal should be to provide valuable information about the product not to focus on selling and making a quick buck. When people come online they inevitable looking for help and most successful affiliate websites provide this.


If you find yourself struggling to choose a niche there is a FREE keyword tool that I use. This is an important step you have to find out what people need help with. When people are looking for a product or service they insert keywords like “how can I improve my golf swing” is just one example.


However, another great place to find out what people are looking for is Google trends. Insert a keyword of the niche you are researching it will display data over any period then use the keyword tool here to find out how competitive that niche is. 


To find out how many people need help in this area can be a long time-consuming experience that is why I use this keyword tool try it for yourself right here create a FREE account. Everybody from time to time run out of ideas I call them roadblocks this keyword tool or Google trends can give you a few light bulb moments for sure.


 Whatever Niche you decide upon the biggest challenge all marketers face is how to get visitors to their websites. There are various options to choose from when we refer to website traffic. The first one I would like to share is what we call organic traffic using SEO tactics (search engine optimization).


There is no question about it… this is the best quality traffic which involves creating content around the chosen niche. This is the reason to choose a niche you feel passionate about it makes life so much easier. As you have probably gathered from this website I am passionate about helping people to create an honest income online.


The problem with this strategy it does take time and patience but all good things do it’s well worth the effort in the long run. This is like real estate online when the traffic starts it never stops as long as you update your site at regular intervals. Google doesn’t like sites that are not active for months on end.


Content is King

The most common objection about all this some people are not good at researching and creating content which was me when I first started out. Surprisingly it’s just like anything else practice makes perfect. However, if all this sounds like hard work which it is. If you are really struggling to create content or websites then as always there are alternatives.


I want to be completely honest with you I am not a user of this product but… many affiliate marketers do and I can understand why. The AffiliBuilder software is a done for you system this a shortcut to creating Affiliate sites in less than 5 minutes.

Check it out here watch the demo this a great alternative to get you started.



The second option is paid traffic this is great if you have money to invest I could spend all day writing about this as it is a very broad subject. In spite of that the most cost-effective is what we call PPC marketing (pay per click) if you have little or no experience in this area, there is an awesome training course right here.


This course will show you step by step how to invest $1 and get an ROI of $2 or more. However, most people make the mistake of using Google but…I use Bing it’s much more user friendly.


There is so much more I would love to share with you with regard to what is an affiliate marketing website but…I don’t want to overwhelm you this should be more than enough to set you on the right path. If you have questions or comments I love to get feedback in the section below. To stay in touch subscribe to my newsletter.

To your success talk soon Alan. 

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