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Hey there so you want to know what is sendiio? Whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting out it’s pretty clear what people say with regard to email marketing if you are not building a list the chances are you are making little or no money.


Although we don’t like to admit it we can’t ignore the fact that is true. But in order to achieve that we do need an Autoresponder software, for example, Aweber or Get Response these are the most popular and have been around for years which are great if that fits in with your marketing budget as they come with quite hefty monthly fees.


Over the years I have experienced both of the above the most user-friendly for me was Get Response but others say Aweber it’s a personal choice. The point is they both do the job which is the important part to build an email list of subscribers.


I am always interested to hear what other marketers have to say with regards to email marketing. In general, a large percentage are of the opinion that email marketing is dead they get poor open rates but never dig deep enough to find out the reasons why.


As always there is an explanation to why things are not working but if there is one reason which is top of the list for me and others they are not creating value to their subscribers. They insist on trying to sell something with every email they send out.

There is a proven formula that most top marketers  I have found successful over the years and it works in most business platforms follow this formula. Sale, Value, Value, Sale Value, Value, Sale this is

This is the tip of the iceberg of the training in the Inner circle 




The reason people subscribe to a list is they are looking for help in some way or another often send sales messages that are not targeted to what they want. This is the number one reason people unsubscribe or don’t bother to open them.


There are negatives and positives as always but for the average Autoresponder can cost anything between $15/ $1200 per month depending on list size. For people just starting out with very little traffic, this is not a good ROI ( return on investment).

Get Response

That is why so many small-time Bloggers or websites are not building a list of subscribers plus the fact unless they are experienced at email marketing the open rates are so poor it is not really worth the investment.


Having said that they are missing out big time. It is a commonly known fact that people very rarely buy a product or service the first time around. In fact, the real truth is it takes between 1/7 presentations to make a sale so you can see how important email marketing is to kick start any business.


There countless discussions to what works best for us as marketers is it email marketing text marketing Facebook messenger? The real truth is they all work and are awesome, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be using all these strategies to take our businesses to the next level.


However, paying ongoing monthly subscriptions to all three is out of reach for most marketers. However, if we could have access to all three with no monthly fees with just a one-time payment wouldn’t that be awesome.


Autoresponder With No Monthly Fees

Up until quite recently to my knowledge there is nothing available to have all this on one platform that was NOT available but this is where Sendiio comes into play. All the above only deal with email but sendiio is a very exciting cool software why?


What is Sendio

This is the first and only software that enables us to harness the power and profit from email, text, FB Messenger under one Central dashboard with Zero Monthly Fees.


Whereas most Autoresponders limit us to the number of campaigns with Sendiio we can create unlimited email marketing campaigns. Unlimited text messages, Unlimited Facebook Messenger Campaigns.


Not only that we can easily import unlimited emails, phone numbers email, text & FB messenger, Unlimited subscribers, unlimited messages so cool.


Another cool feature this is a cloud-based software it can be accessed/ managed on any device meaning mobile phone, tablet, computer.


So there you have it I trust this has answered the question to what is sendiio if you would like more information with regard to sendiio visit the sales page here

What is the Rise Network/Unbox?

However, before you leave I would like you to consider this option which is awesome for marketers who are just starting out. I would describe this as a platform where people can earn while they learn. The amazing part of this system is people with no technical skills are experiencing amazing results you don’t need any of the following.

  • No technical skills.•
  • Without Sharing Affiliate Links
  • No Websites
  • No email lists,
  • No landing pages
  • No Auto-Responders,
  • Targeted Traffic Done for you,
  • Retargeting Done for YOU,
  • Follow messages Done for YOU

Yes there is much more this is unlike the traditional way of marketing which is becoming a thing of the past with the platform that is connected to it is opportunity to create multiple streams of income in multiple industries.

Check it out here

The most important part of recommending products or services is NOT what I share but what other people are experiencing check out the screen shots of testimonials below of real people who are crushing it with this system in our Private Facebook group.

What is The Rise Network

What is the Rise Network




Many thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post. If you have questions or comments I always welcome them good or bad in the section below

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