What is the best MLM business is a very interesting question.

I have a lot of experience in MLM over the years and I  know people that have had miserable experience end up getting frustrated and quit and others that do really well.


What I have found is the people that are good at promoting do really well. However, they have to keep promoting or buying traffic in order to sustain their residual income why? Because very often the people that join their down-line quit if they are no good at promoting and not creating the residual income they were expecting.


Of course, there are exceptions to the rule as always, if the people they recruit can afford to buy leads or traffic then great but to be honest that very rarely happens and people like that are hard to find.

The problem with MLM programs 99% are trained to sell to their family and friends and the results they end up in are the no friends left club.


Over the years the MLM have taken a hit and often been branded as pyramid schemes. Of course, that is a shame as that is clearly NOT the case. It often makes me smile when people say that because every PLC with no exception is in the shape of a pyramid


This is a typical structure of a PLC company is in almost every case shape of a pyramid. However, pyramid schemes are illegal and would not be approved by the Federal Trade Commission’s more information here


When looking for the best MLM business look for a company that does not train their people to sell to their family and friends as I mentioned above a recipe for disaster.


The problem I have yet find such a company as that is 99% of MLM company marketing strategy and that is probably the reason why it has developed a pretty bad reputation and been labelled as Scams.


There are people that say that MLM does not work but there are MLM companies that have been around for years, for example, Anway, Avon, Herbal life, Vorwerk, Mary Kat, to name just a few. I have personally been with one company in the UK for almost 20 years and they still pay me residual income through work that I did in the past.


People ask can MLM make you Rich

The simple answer is yes, of course, it can if you work at it like any other business. One of the main reasons people fail is they quit when success in many cases is just around the corner. Another reason is most MLM companies it has a very low entry fee and they don’t take it serious enough.


They don’t realize this is a real business opportunity to learn the business skills can take some considerable time but if you hang in there it is well worth the effort. You need to have good communication skills to be a good leader and prepared to help other people in your down line.


Conclusion personally I love MLM but t is not for everybody. Who on earth would want to work for 30/40 years and retire on a pension one can barely live on? It might interest you to know that most pensioners are unable to pay their bills I found an interesting article right here just to prove a point.


However wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a business model that creates a passive income that you don’t have to pitch your family and friends?

Please watch my video below

Not only that how about if this business model you are able just to give away gift vouchers in multiple industries and make standalone commissions? This is very similar having an Amazon store but instead of hoping they buy the products before you get paid you make money when they use a discount voucher as below and create an account click here for more info

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