hat is the shiny object syndrome


Did you know the number one reason that budding entrepreneurs never reach their full potential? They have caught the shiny object syndrome.

So What is the Shiny Object Syndrome?

Let me explain in simple terms. In order to create an honest living online, we have to have a good business plan and find the right opportunity that is a good fit for us. When we first start out we are full of enthusiasm excited about the future to how we are going create that dream lifestyle.

Sound familiar?

For the average person with little or no experience of creating an income online can last anything from 2 weeks to 3 months. Then they come to the realisation that this is not as easy it was presented at the outset.


Unfortunately, they have fallen for the snake-like salespeople that make it sound so easy and look for the next big thing to reach financial freedom that they desperately want.


Unfortunately, the make money online industry is so full of BS I fully understand why people chase project after project dreaming that the next big thing is going to be easier than the one they have settled for at the outset.

Does this make any sense?

What they don’t realize that to create a 6 figure income online there are no short cuts or blueprints to become a millionaire by next Thursday. Once you get this firmly set in your mind YOU are on the road to success.

In order to create a 6 figure online is a highly skilled profession which can be compared to a doctor or a lawyer which takes years to gain these attributes.

Doctors/ lawyers,/ Solicitor’s/ to name a few have invested in further education attended years at universities in order to create their well deserved 6 Figure incomes.

So what makes you think you can come online click on a few links and think you can do the same with little or no education?

If I was to wind the clock back 15 years or more which is when I first started out online I fell for every shiny object imaginable. It’s no shame to have got caught up with this contagious disease it’s a learning curb and part of the journey but don’t make a career out of it.

If you are looking for ways to change your life there is a period of time you have to research and you will come across endless shiny objects that promise the world and deliver nothing.

The people that present them are among the super salespeople they are able to charm a bird out of a tree. It’s NOT like any other disease like a virus or anything like that this a disease that is firmly planted in our minds out of sheer frustration.


What is The Shiny Object Syndrome

If had to describe the shiny object syndrome in one single word it’s called distraction. In general, most entrepreneurs are extremely motivated people. They hunger after new technology NOT afraid to step out of their comfort zone. They often think the grass is greener in the field beyond but…..when they get there they soon find out that is NOT the case.

They are caught up in the mindset that they can create financial freedom without paying the price. I love the quote by Charles M.Schwab

” To my mind, the best investment a young man starting out in business could possibly make is to give all his time, all his energies to work, just plain hard work”.

They have no fear when it comes to taking chances to try out new developments in their chosen industry. The shiny object syndrome is usually associated with how to make money online to describe it in its broadest sense. I did some research last month on my keyword tool to find out how many people searched on just that one keyword alone that amounted to 71,601.



These people are among the 97% that fail to achieve anything online they create massive debts by maxing out their credit cards lose their family and friends, lose any sort of credibility why?

They keep chasing new launches project after project never giving any of them a chance to develop into a substantial long term business.

Their enthusiasm is so overwhelming for short periods of time they can’t help but spread their affiliate links everywhere including their family and friends. Unfortunately, people that have the SOS are very often in denial and are unaware they have this problem. They never bother to find out what is the shiny object syndrome 

How To Avoid The Shiny Object Syndrome

If you are new to the online world it can be difficult to avoid the shiny object syndrome especially if you are looking for a business opportunity

However when you find what you are looking for and truly believe in the product or service then stick with it. It’s quite natural in the first couple of months to get frustrated when you find yourself NOT making any money.

At this stage don’t panic or get frustrated which is what most people do when they discover its hard work to make any business work.

The average business takes anything from 6 months to 7 years before they see a return on their investment. So when you choose a business opportunity to think carefully before you invest any money. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is this something you believe in that anybody could benefit from in the next 10 years?
  • Is this something that you feel good and happy to share because it is a legitimate business opportunity?
  • Would you enjoy looking for people and finding people that are looking for help?

These are the 3 main ingredients to make any business succeed on or offline. You have to provide a product or service that can help people. There is a wonderful saying by Jim Rohn “ If you help enough people to get what they want then you will get what you want” This could be anything from any of the following.

If you are NOT happy looking for people that need help in one way or another then you really shouldn’t be in business in the first place. The people that are infected with the shiny object syndrome disease fall into the category of people out to make a quick buck. They may well make a few bucks but it is very short-lived.

Let’s take blogging for example (which I am passionate about) when people start creating a blog in order to get a following it can take years. The number of people that think they can create a website create a few posts and expect to start making money right out of the gate astonishes me.

Let’s take a further example if you wanted to create a membership site unless you really know what you are doing it can take years before you would see a return on your investment if ever. Yes, it is true to say that membership sites have created many multi-millionaires but it didn’t happen overnight and is a highly skilled profession.

Affiliate Marketing Road To Success

The Conclusion

I hope by now you have a full understanding of what is the shiny object syndrome is and how to avoid it whenever possible. Try not to reinvent the wheel the secret to success is to look at what successful people have already done and start from there it’s not rocket science.

So there you have it many thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post. If you found this post beneficial to you I would really appreciate it if you would like and share it on social media. If you have questions or comments I love to get feedback in the section below.

From the desk of Alan Benney.

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