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Somebody asked me quite recently what online marketing tools do I need to create an income online? More to the point why do I need any of them?


He went on to say I have watched a lot of videos on Youtube done my research if I can copy and paste I can make a fortune online without them. They tell me I can fill online surveys get paid for searching the web, review websites for cash, mobile phone recycling the list is endless.


This is probably one of the most asked questions when people are just starting out. It is true the above opportunities are there for the taking but…. if you are looking to build a real business online then sorry to say none of the above will cut it. Yes, it is possible to make a quick buck on the side but that is about it.


If you are looking to quit your day job escape the rat race and build a really honest business online you will need the tools of the trade to create a business online.


I must admit this did take me back many years when I first started marketing online when I was asked this question. The first answer that came to mind was whatever business you are in online or offline we all need tools of the trade, right?


For example, can you have a taxi cab business without a car? If you are a builder can you build houses without the tools of the trade? Can you create an income online without access to the internet?


I am sure by now you get my drift so let’s get real we all need tools of the trade. If you are new to online marketing then I forgive you right away and in this post, I will lay down the foundations to how to create an income online the right way.


If you are looking for overnight success and want to be a millionaire by next Thursday then what I am about to share with you will be of no benefit to you whatsoever. Just like any business on or offline it takes time dedication persistence and be prepared to learn new skills.


The awesome part about this is the fun part and you are in control of your own destiny. You can work at your own pace but you have to put in the work.


Okay, what I would like to share with you are the marketing tools that I use as part of my marketing strategy. I have been marketing online for more than 15 years in which time I have experienced a lot of changes. However, there are tools which will never change they are evergreen in my opinion.


Wealthy Affiliate University

I can almost hear you say why the wealthy affiliate University or why do I need online marketing tools? Unfortunately, countless people are not fully aware that online marketing today in 2019 is a highly skilled profession just like a lawyer, doctor or a dentist. These people go to college for years to get their qualifications.


However, if you wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer to get educated in these areas is pretty straight forward of where to get the right training right? However, choosing the right course online is NOT so simple.


It seems every man and his dog are offering online training courses but unfortunately, they very often send people down the wrong road which is why there is a massive 97% failure rate. Sadly this number is NOT an exaggeration these are the cold hard facts.

When choosing an online course it is important to look for a credible company that has been around for 13 years and counting and the wealthy affiliate program is the one-stop-shop.


Wealthy Affiliate University


How to Own Your Own Website?

As I mentioned above this is one of the tools of the trade which is essential in order to create a brand. If you have doubts do some research check out any successful online marketer without a website then you will realize that having a website is an essential part of your online business. I created a post more on that check it out here

What keyword tool?

Okay now you have a website but a website without content is pretty useless, right? It’s a bit like having a shop with no products inside. In order to create the content of any kind, you are going to need a keyword tool for research.

The good news is here at Wealthy Affiliate we have a really good keyword tool that I use every day. I have created a video on my blog and Youtube channel with a short demo check it out here

Video Marketing Software

Moving on if you are not taking advantage of video marketing you are leaving a lot of money on the table. I use 2 software programs one for creating animated videos and the other for created live videos. I have created a post on my blog with a full explanation to why you should jump on the bandwagon and start to learn the skills of video marketing check it out here

Video Marketing Software


Best SEO Marketing Services

SEO (search engine optimization) is a very in-depth subject is a long term strategy and it would be impossible to even touch the fringe of it in this post. However, if you are prepared to put the work and be patient by learning the secrets of SEO can benefit you for sure the online course at WA is awesome for this.


Having said that it does take years for Google to recognize a website to get ranked on the first page. However, as always, there are SEO marketing companies that provide this service if you are in a hurry check this out here.


What Is The Best Autoresponder

If you are serious about your business Autoresponders are an essential tool to have in your online toolbox. However, there are so many options so what is the best Autoresponder? Unfortunately, most of them come with hefty monthly subscriptions but the one I recommend is one with no monthly subscriptions check it out right here

Most Autoresponders are limited to only sending email messages whereas Sendiiois  the First and ONLY Autoresponder That Allows You To Profit From The Power of Email, Text & FB Messenger Under ONE Central Dashboard With


So there you have it  there are of course lots more I could share with you to what online marketing tools but in this post, this is more than enough to get you started

If you have questions, comments  please share your thoughts in the section below I always love to get feedback many thanks for taking the time to read this post

To Your Success for the desk of

Alan Benney

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