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What's the easiest ways to make money online

 What are the easiest ways to make money online has to be one of the most frequently asked questions and that is the main reason I created this blog post.


There are easy ways to make money online providing you follow, apply, the right strategies and take action.


Having said that so few people are prepared to put in the effort that is required to really make money online which I find extraordinary when there are so many opportunities in 2019 moving on to 2020.


It is still a fact today that in 2019 97% of people that attempt to create an income online prove to be unsuccessful and the reason is simple they want the success without the hard work and expect to happen overnight and that is NOT possible contrary to what some people say.


Hard work is NOT a true description in actual fact why? Because it is fun if you choose to approach it that way. I always feel sorry for people that have to commute to and from work every day for me that is not fun especially on the roads or trains today.


I love waking up in the morning to find that I have made money when while I have been sleeping. The freedom it can create is hard to put into words I can take a holiday when I want to work when I choose with no pressure from anybody I am in control of my destiny.


Once you accept that fact you are on the road to financial freedom why? Because the easiest way to create an online income is to promote a product or service where you are helping people in some way or another. Look for people that a looking for solutions to their problems then find that product that servers that purpose simple right?


Not really unless you know exactly how to achieve it and it goes without saying you need training. If you wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer it would be impossible without going to college or university and studying to get your qualifications right?


The people that enjoy the most success have realised that the money is in the list which I am sure you must have heard a thousand times and it’s true. So the secret is to find an education platform where you can earn while you are learning.


So unless you are prepared to learn new skills make a full commitment to succeed online you are on the road to a disaster and you will be joining the 97% of people that fail to make the grade.


When the engineer decided to design and build the Golden Gate bridge he approached the project putting into practise a set of skills that he had practised for many years in order to achieve it. In the same way, there are recognized technics. skills and methods for creating an income online. These methods and skills are essential that can apply to any on or offline business.


If you wanted to learn to speak Spanish the same thing applies you have to take action practice recognized methods in order to do that. They say it takes 2 to 5 years of hard study to speak a second language fluently.


Please allow me to guide you in the right direction and trust me this is going to be fun and you can earn while you learn and turn your passions into profits interested? Okay let’s get started


What is Affiliate Marketing How Does it Work

We have quite a few options to create an online income which would be impossible to cover in just one blog post. However, let me explain the basics of affiliate marketing you get paid commissions for selling other people’s products or services.

Listed below are the main benefits of Affiliate Marketing.


  • You don’t have to create your own product or service.
  • You don’t have to worry about the delivery of the product as it is digital done for you.
  • You don’t have to worry about customer service
  • You can make up to 90% commissions paid into your bank account
  • There are affiliate programs in almost every niche.
  • Get paid residual incomes for work completed in the past

If you would like to know more about niche marketing then check out another post here


There are countless affiliate programs the most popular being Amazon it’s free to join and I created a video to how to get started as an Amazon Associate and much more on this post


However, a word to the good the most successful associates who are killing it online have created their own websites and if you are not sure how to get started here is yet another post where you can achieve this in minutes plus all the training you will ever need and it’s free to get started


Create Your Own Membership Website

If you are experienced and would like to create your own product or service then membership websites is an awesome and fun way to create a passive income. If you are prepared to learn new skills and follow step by step training and it is not as hard as you might think.


Chris Luck a buddy of mine is an expert in this field and is offering free training on his webinar here. My motto in life is to follow successful people that have been there and done it….. don’t reinvent the wheel.

I created another post about membership websites and how this works read more here.


Affiliate Marketing Road To Success

The Conclusion

So there you have it I hope you enjoyed this post and it has pointed you in the right direction to what’s the easiest ways to make money online. If you found this post beneficial to you please like share. If you have questions or comments I love to get feedback and pleased to help you out

To your success from the desk of

Alan Benney

Affiliate Marketing Road To Success

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